Session Info

Sessions – Seniors 

Sessions – Seniors

2 Hour Session

2 Locations/ Unlimited Outfits (as time allows

25-30 images in your proofing gallery


Your Session DOES include: – A pre-consult. We can do this on the phone, by text, by email or in person. Whatever fits your schedule! – Shooting time. Lots of laughs. Some lame jokes told by me. And a fabulous pop up changing tent, should you desire.

Editing of your images. I go thru, fine tune, tweak and thoroughly examine all the images in your proofing gallery. Yes, I shoot A LOT of images. NO, they do not al make the gallery. Only the images that showcase you in the best possible way make the cut.

An Ordering Session. We are going to meet over coffee, lemonade,  pop, you name it and go over all your images. I’ll help you pick the images that are just right for your walls, wallets and Dad’s desk.

Delivery of your images. I’ll go over them inch by inch to make sure that the lab  (I only use the professional ones) did a great job on your prints. Then I’ll gift wrap them, tie a bow on it and bring them to you. That way I get to see your smiling face one more time!

So, what are you waiting for? You know what to expect so give me a call! Let’s get YOU on the calendar!!

Your session fee does not include any reproducible cd’s or prints. Prices are locked in at the time of your session for 14 days. All orders MUST BE PAID in full before they will be fulfilled.

Events Planning a special event / family reunion / office Christmas party? Events are on an hourly fee of $150.00 and require a two hour commitment.

Currently I do not offer any digital products.


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