Kristin & Jake

Aren’t these two lovebirds adorable?  I had the best time with these two: perfect weather, golden light, and lots of laughs.  Going to be difficult to wait for their wedding day because it will be SO much fun!  In the meantime I will enjoy these images from their engagement session.

Had to go get some color to offset those eyes!  Such sparkle!  And the way Jake looks at his bride just melts my ol’ Grinch heart 😉IMG_0171-1

Resist!  Really, who can resist?  Those smiles are just perfect…IMG_0202a

That light!  I made Kristin move scant inches to get that light in her hair.  I didn’t have to do anything to get Jake to smile at her like that.  True love, I tell ya. IMG_0235a

I threatened Jake with this one….anyone who knows me knows I always follow through on my threats!  haha!  But what a fun, creepy, stalker photo.  IMG_0189-1

Thanks for playing along with my crazy ideas Kristin and Jake!  I can’t wait to see you guys on your wedding day.  I know it’s going to be crazy awesome!

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Liberty and Rogan | Fort Wayne Photographer

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful, sweet, family-filled wedding.  It was definitely a day filled with

smiles of joy.  First up, the lovely bride, her mother, her (now) mother-in-law, and her precious little girl.  What a bunch of lovely ladies!

Oh  yeah, it’s definitely in the genes!

Liberty and Rogan wanted a picture before the wedding but they didn’t want to see each other.  So, we made sure to make it happen!

Of course, I had to see if we could get the little one in the action.  She wasn’t too sure about it, but what a moment!  I adore

capturing little ones just the way they are.  She had lots of smiles the day of the wedding, but she was still a little leery of all the excitement.

Oh Miss Liberty, you are stunning.  Seriously.

Let’s not forget the groom!  He’s got some good genes on his side too! 😉

Yup, you photograph well, Rogan!  I can see where Little Miss gets those eyes of hers!

The wedding, as I said, was simple, yet beautiful.  Beautiful location + a lovely couple = couldn’t get better.

Little Miss didn’t actually want to sit and watch the wedding of her parents so she had a little snack.  She did however catch her parents’

first kiss.  Love her face here.

The happy couple!  And, oh the look that Rogan is giving his bride!  Yup, happily ever after is definitely in their future!

So, here’s to the happy couple!  May your days be long and sweet together!  All my best!

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The Colcords | Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer

A few weeks ago I had the distinct honor of photographing the wedding of these two lovebirds.  Such a pleasure to get to see two people, surrounded by family,
tie the proverbial knot.  It was a beautiful day, full of laughter, love and lots of smiles. They were married at  The Women’s Club -a great place to host a wedding.
Lots of room, character and charm.  And all the details these two added equaled perfection.

In case you missed it on facebook, here’s the video I put together of their special day:

Colcord Wedding

And, I’m happy to say that if you are looking for photos from the day they are now up on my website.  The password is the groom’s last name 😉

As always
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Kaitlyn & Caleb | Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer

Want to see a short video that sums up the incredible wedding day of one my very favorite couple’s wedding?  Click the link!

Hope you like your sneak peek K & C!   And that you are enjoying your honeymoon…and don’t have time to watch the sneak peek! 😉 lol

Kaitlyn & Caleb

Oh, and

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Save the Date | Ft Wayne Wedding Photographer

Meet Kaitlyn and Caleb.  They’re newly engaged.  And I’m lucky enough to get to shoot both their wedding next July and their engagement photos.  I’ve got
a pretty cool job don’t I? 😉

We finally got to meet up on a gray, drizzly day.  Good thing these two have sunny personalities!  They brought their own kind of sunshine!  And lots of team
spirit.  I bet you can’t guess what team they’re rooting for.

And, of course, you all know my rule by now, right?  That jumping thing?  Yeah.  Caleb is a rule follower.  Lucky me! 🙂

K & C I hope you like this short little sneak peek.  I can’t wait for your wedding!  We are going to have such a blast!!

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R & R | Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer

I love weddings! Of course, as a wedding photographer you would probably expect that I would, right? I know some photographers find that weddings are
stressful, fast-paced and very demanding. Well, they are. And that’s exactly why I love them! Yes, I know, I’m a little different. Of course, there are parts of
every wedding that are slow and relaxed. When the people involved take a breather and just chill…like the dad’s. Aren’t they cute?

Now the groom and the best man? They were on the go from the start! Setting up, greeting guests…. looking good in tuxes! 😉

Oh look! An adorable bride waiting for her daddy to walk her down the aisle! Isn’t she just the cutest thing? Yes, I’m here to tell you that she is. And I think
that Ryan will agree with me…

Well, well, look who got to walk his beautiful daughter down the brick path? 😉

Mr. and Mrs.!!! Can’t you just feel the joy and excitement coming off your monitor? They were definitely one of the happiest couples I have ever seen. Lots
and lots of smiles, laughs and all around happiness. Hmmmm….maybe that’s why I like weddings!?!

Oh yes, a kiss….they can do that now. 🙂

And a few formals to round out the collection:

We shot the reception as well but I always prefer the wedding photos. Parties are great and all but the sweetness of
the actual ceremony is really my favorite to show. And, hey! it’s my blog! lol

Ryan and Becky, thanks so much for allowing us to capture the memories of your wedding day. We thoroughly
enjoyed it!

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A Sneak, Sneak Peak | Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of shooting my very good friends’ wedding.  And while I am still processing and
going thru the gazillion photos that we shot, I HAD to share this one!  It’s definitely going to remain in my favorites folder from
this day.

I hope you’re having an AMAZING honeymoon Becky and Ryan!  I’ll see you when you get back!

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