So, if you’ve ever talked to me for any length of time, then you know I have a best friend who is a little bit younger than me….  We, however, get along famously.  I’ve been one of her biggest fans since the moment we met.  And I cannot believe that she will be 4 soon!  My how times does fly!  In honor of her upcoming birthday we grabbed my camera and went to the Botanical Conservatory to get some photos of her.  I’m not sure we were able to capture her personality though….You be the judge:

Here’s her sassy side.  That little tongue peeking out just cracks me up.  She loved the wishing well and got to throw a whole quarter in!  Twenty-five wishes!  Sure hoping whatever they are that they come true!


Her contemplative side.  I do believe she’s plotting her escape from the camera….


The giggly side.  For some reason being on that bench just made her giggle.  Note to self: always find a bench for my bestie.


The beautiful, little, sweet soul that she only lets peek out now and then.  Those eyes and that smile do me in.  Little friend I do hope you always know how beautiful you are.  Inside and out.


And finally, her “this lady is nuts!” face.  But then she knows I’m crazy about her….


Mom and dad got in front of the camera for a few.  Little Miss tends to steal all my attention, but I’ll let them have the pleasure of sharing those themselves.   Thank you so much for allowing me to capture yet another milestone in your life little friend.  I hope to continue to see you grow into the amazing person that I know you are destined to be.

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The Beauty in You | Fort Wayne Photographer

At the risk of sounding “cliché”, or even 1980’s~ish, I want to introduce you to a new “line” in the Michelle Davies Photography line-up of offerings.  A portrait genre that some might call “Glamour” and that I am calling “The Beauty in You” Sessions.  While anyone can schedule these sessions, I’m mainly thinking that women of a “certain” age are the most qualified.  Why these women?  Because these ladies are the ones who have put themselves last for years.  Children, husbands, aging parents and careers have put them in the backseat when it comes to taking photos.  And I, for one, want to see them hop on up to the driver’s seat!  These women are beautiful and offer an attitude and confidence that the world needs to see more of!  So help me spread the word, won’t you?  These sessions are totally geared to make you feel beautiful:  Makeup?  Gotcha covered!  Hair? Can do!  Don’t want to wear lingerie or something slinky?  No problem!  Been looking for that special anniversary gift for your hubby’s eyes only?  Check, check and check!  Oh, and make sure that you schedule a night on the town after your session because you are going to feel (and look) BEAUTIFUL!!

Want to give the gift of photography to that special woman in your life?  Michelle Davies Photography offers gift certificates in any amount.  I can’t wait to see all you lovely ladies in front of my camera!

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