Life is Golden

It’s been um….awhile….since I posted here.  Nothing went wrong, just a little bit of life moving faster than I can keep up with.  All good, all normal.  We DID add to the household though.  About 4 months ago we had the opportunity to adopt a little boy.  A   1 1/2 year old golden retriever.   I was tickled pink – the hubster not so much.  I managed to convince him that I needed this boy and so we brought him into our home.  And it hasn’t been the same since.  Lots of laughs.  LOTS of walks.  Lots of ball throwing.  It’s been awesome.

So, without further ado, meet Finn.  If you follow me on any other social media you’ve probably seen him.  So we’re just making it official here.

He likes balls.  As many as he can fit in his mouth is preferable.  He usually only manages two, but he got lucky and made it three.


Did I mention we walk?  A lot?  On the weekends we can get up to 5 miles, weekdays are usually 3.   The 5 milers wear him out….the other just energize him.  I like the 5 milers. 2017-08-19_10-39-27_440-(2017-08-22T01_36_43.829)

He’s a noble looking guy, isn’t he?  It only lasts for a minute, trust me.  He’s a nut job.  But he’s a loving little boy and I’m looking forward to years of enjoying him.  Hopefully soon we’ll figure out how to take a selfie together!2017-08-22_12-02-23_904-(2017-08-22T21_03_13.496)

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New Kitties | Fort Wayne Pet Photographer

My oldest recently got new kittens.  And, being a college student who likes to come home for long weekends, she brought them with her.  Ethel wasn’t too sure about the visitors.  Of course the visitors weren’t too sure about her either.  That’s Hazel peeking out from behind the closet door.

George was playing in the background.  Ethel did her best to keep an eye on him without him realizing it.

Di did her best to get them to warm up to each other.  The hissing has ceased but I’m picturing long naps together in the near future.  Or ever.  😉

Hazel is quite curious.  And fast.  It took a lot of kitten wrangling to get this photo.  And kitten wrangling is not easy.  Or fast.  But, when the cuteness is so readily available you do what you gotta do….

This next photo, while just a bit fuzzy, is my absolute favorite from their little photo session.  Do you see how that little man leaps?  He does that all the time when he’s playing.  He took a nap soon after.  I wanted to take one as well….but hey, somebody’s gotta do the editing!

Here’s to lots of cavorting and and cartwheeling  in your near future!

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Sun-sleeping | Fort Wayne Pet Photographer

Cats are notorious for finding the warmest, sunniest spots in the house and sleeping the hours away.  In our house Maci does it as well.  She knows that in the morning hours, when the sun is first coming up,  she can lay uninterrupted while the sun beams its lovely warmth in through the basement windows.  And, when it moves along its path in the sky, she moves as well.  Usually to the living room where she can keep a close eye on the comings and goings of the house.  And still hear any promising sounds of food being made in the kitchen 😉

So, this weekend, while I’m on a whirlwind of Senior Sessions, take a moment and enjoy the warmth of the sun for me, and know that Miss Maci will probably be doing the same thing at our house!

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It’s Been Awhile | Fort Wayne Photographer

It's Been Awhile | Fort Wayne Photographer

This photo of my old friend pretty much sums it up.  I’ve got the summer blues.  Oh, it’s nothing to worry about, I get them every year.  The heat combined with all the kids lying around complaining of nothing to do in the last days of freedom just adds up.  Now, mind you, my children aren’t in that stage anymore but it’s become a habit for me. 😉

So, while I have TONS of stuff to show you and tell you about what’s been going on around here….I won’t.  I’ll save it for another day.  Right now I’m going for a bike ride with my daughter.  She’s running, I’m riding.  That seems about right.

Hope all is right with your day!
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P.S.   Yes, she has a growth on her eye.  It’s been evaluated and she’s good.  No need to worry!  It’s part of her charm 😉

Snow Beast | Fort Wayne Pet Photographer

You remember Maci, right?  She’s been a frequent visitor to the blog.  Of course, with all the personality that she’s got how could she not get some web time? 😉
What you may not know about Miss Maci is that she is an avid fan of the great outdoors.  If she could stay outside all day she would.  She loves nothing morethan to sit in the yard – with her back to the house – and keep an eye on the neighborhood.  And snow?  Snow just makes it all that much better to be outside!Here she’s keeping an eye on me.  She’s pretty sure that I’m going to throw snow and she’s preparing herself for the onslaught.

I LOVE this shot!  She’s attacking the snow I threw at her.  It totally looks like she’s spewing snow though!  Oh, yes, I am easily amused….lol

She’s totally out of focus and I totally adore the feeling of this shot.  So much energy and excitement in that little squat pup!  Just after this she convincedEthel to run around in the snow with her.  Ethel is not such a fan of being outside but she’ll let herself be convinced on occasion.

We’re supposed to get rain this weekend so you can be sure that Miss Mace and I will be back outside again tomorrow.  Making snowballs while the snow falls.

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Sweet Girl | Fort Wayne Pet Photographer

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time then you know that I am an animal lover.  As far back as I can remember I’ve always had pets, mainly dogs, but always a pet.  There have been gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, fish, cats and dogs.  (My mom drew the line at reptiles and so do I.)

Anyway, there have been dogs.  Lots and lots of dogs.  None sweeter though then my Ethel.  She is a rescue dog.  My oldest begged and begged to bring her home and, despite our better judgement, we allowed it. Happily,  we have never regretted that decision.  This dog has totally woven her way into the very fabric of our lives.  So much so that, as she ages, I wonder how we will cope with the huge hole that she will leave.  But, for now, she is here, with us.  And those soulful eyes of her suck me in every time she gives me this look.  The look that says “I trust you.  I love you.  Please, just let me lay here and guard you.  And don’t take my picture anymore-I hate the camera.”

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My Sweet Girl | Fort Wayne Photographer

We have had an unseasonably warm winter here in Indiana.  Usually by January we are tired of the cold, bundled to our noses and waddling in snow boots
to the nearest place of warmth.  This year?  This year my boys are wearing shorts (not unusual) and I am not telling them to put on jeans (VERY unusual!) 🙂
The dogs have been enjoying this brief lull in the weather as well.  This week they took a moment to soak in the weak warmth of our winter sun.  And I, in
the beginning stages of a New Year’s Resolution to photograph something daily, followed them out into the yard.

Here is my sweet, sweet girl, Ethel.  We have had her for about 6 years and she has been nothing but a joy.  Ethel is fiercely loyal, protective and loving.  Everything
you want in a lab.  And, she is the perfect testament to a rescue dog!  If you ever doubt whether to go with a puppy from a breeder or a store just think of my girl.
She will warm you to the idea of adoption.  And, while she may act like she is shy and afraid, she is not.  She simply will not look at my camera.  I have to focus,
move the camera away from my face, call her name and snap.  And you thought young children were hard! 😉

These two pictures have a different look to them thanks to one of my “toys”, the Lensbaby.  It basically limits what exactly is in focus.  For me it lets me be
just a little bit more creative.  Every once in a while I like not focusing on all the technicalities that can go into making a photograph.  And so, the Lensbaby
comes in handy for that.  Here’s a new favorite from this lens:

So, I hope that you are finding some creativity in your every day world and that, perhaps, it is in alignment with your New Year’s resolutions as well!  Oh and
a little sunshine too!

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