So, if you’ve ever talked to me for any length of time, then you know I have a best friend who is a little bit younger than me….  We, however, get along famously.  I’ve been one of her biggest fans since the moment we met.  And I cannot believe that she will be 4 soon!  My how times does fly!  In honor of her upcoming birthday we grabbed my camera and went to the Botanical Conservatory to get some photos of her.  I’m not sure we were able to capture her personality though….You be the judge:

Here’s her sassy side.  That little tongue peeking out just cracks me up.  She loved the wishing well and got to throw a whole quarter in!  Twenty-five wishes!  Sure hoping whatever they are that they come true!


Her contemplative side.  I do believe she’s plotting her escape from the camera….


The giggly side.  For some reason being on that bench just made her giggle.  Note to self: always find a bench for my bestie.


The beautiful, little, sweet soul that she only lets peek out now and then.  Those eyes and that smile do me in.  Little friend I do hope you always know how beautiful you are.  Inside and out.


And finally, her “this lady is nuts!” face.  But then she knows I’m crazy about her….


Mom and dad got in front of the camera for a few.  Little Miss tends to steal all my attention, but I’ll let them have the pleasure of sharing those themselves.   Thank you so much for allowing me to capture yet another milestone in your life little friend.  I hope to continue to see you grow into the amazing person that I know you are destined to be.

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Life is Golden

It’s been um….awhile….since I posted here.  Nothing went wrong, just a little bit of life moving faster than I can keep up with.  All good, all normal.  We DID add to the household though.  About 4 months ago we had the opportunity to adopt a little boy.  A   1 1/2 year old golden retriever.   I was tickled pink – the hubster not so much.  I managed to convince him that I needed this boy and so we brought him into our home.  And it hasn’t been the same since.  Lots of laughs.  LOTS of walks.  Lots of ball throwing.  It’s been awesome.

So, without further ado, meet Finn.  If you follow me on any other social media you’ve probably seen him.  So we’re just making it official here.

He likes balls.  As many as he can fit in his mouth is preferable.  He usually only manages two, but he got lucky and made it three.


Did I mention we walk?  A lot?  On the weekends we can get up to 5 miles, weekdays are usually 3.   The 5 milers wear him out….the other just energize him.  I like the 5 milers. 2017-08-19_10-39-27_440-(2017-08-22T01_36_43.829)

He’s a noble looking guy, isn’t he?  It only lasts for a minute, trust me.  He’s a nut job.  But he’s a loving little boy and I’m looking forward to years of enjoying him.  Hopefully soon we’ll figure out how to take a selfie together!2017-08-22_12-02-23_904-(2017-08-22T21_03_13.496)

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New Kitties | Fort Wayne Pet Photographer

My oldest recently got new kittens.  And, being a college student who likes to come home for long weekends, she brought them with her.  Ethel wasn’t too sure about the visitors.  Of course the visitors weren’t too sure about her either.  That’s Hazel peeking out from behind the closet door.

George was playing in the background.  Ethel did her best to keep an eye on him without him realizing it.

Di did her best to get them to warm up to each other.  The hissing has ceased but I’m picturing long naps together in the near future.  Or ever.  😉

Hazel is quite curious.  And fast.  It took a lot of kitten wrangling to get this photo.  And kitten wrangling is not easy.  Or fast.  But, when the cuteness is so readily available you do what you gotta do….

This next photo, while just a bit fuzzy, is my absolute favorite from their little photo session.  Do you see how that little man leaps?  He does that all the time when he’s playing.  He took a nap soon after.  I wanted to take one as well….but hey, somebody’s gotta do the editing!

Here’s to lots of cavorting and and cartwheeling  in your near future!

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Savoring the Color | Fort Wayne Photographer

The color this year lasted an extraordinarily long time.  It was glorious.  I enjoyed it immensely and

took lots of photos to look back on and savor in the coming Winter months.  This little bench beckoned

to me.  Sadly, I was too busy to get out and enjoy the solitude and beauty of the moment, but at least I

have the photo to look back on.  And, really, isn’t that what photos are all about?  So, even though the trees

are now bare, I can still enjoy the beauty of Autumn.  My absolute favorite season.  What’s yours?

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Sun-sleeping | Fort Wayne Pet Photographer

Cats are notorious for finding the warmest, sunniest spots in the house and sleeping the hours away.  In our house Maci does it as well.  She knows that in the morning hours, when the sun is first coming up,  she can lay uninterrupted while the sun beams its lovely warmth in through the basement windows.  And, when it moves along its path in the sky, she moves as well.  Usually to the living room where she can keep a close eye on the comings and goings of the house.  And still hear any promising sounds of food being made in the kitchen 😉

So, this weekend, while I’m on a whirlwind of Senior Sessions, take a moment and enjoy the warmth of the sun for me, and know that Miss Maci will probably be doing the same thing at our house!

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Living the Dream | Fort Wayne Farm Equipment Photographer

Please, tell me I’m not the only one who looks out their front window to see their husband loading a John Deere tractor up for a day of frolicking fun? Or even that I’m not the only wife whose husband collects both full size and lawn tractors?  (I’ve lost count of the lawn tractors).  My husband likes nothing more than loading one of these bad boys up and hauling it off for the day.  On this particular day he was headed to a local festival.  He’s part of a tractor club (yes, there is such a thing) that helps to put on the annual Salomon Farm Fall Harvest Festival.

Secretly I think he really just likes to haul things around town…hence the big truck.  Sigh.  Plus the neighborhood men all flock around when they hear that smoke stack boom out its ridiculously loud start-up bang.  Yes, I live in a neighborhood.  WIth full size tractors in my garage.  Don’t be too jealous.  Especially when you’re pulling your nice, dry vehicle out of your garage in the middle of a snowstorm and I’m out shoveling mine off…

The banging always draws Miss Maci to the scene as well.  She’s not fond of overly loud noises.  Can’t say I blame her….Can’t you just read her little mind in this photo?  “What in the heck is Daddy doing? I wonder if it will involve any treats?”

Personally I think he just loves to play with big boy toys!  Could be why the second career he chose is in excavation.  Dump trucks, trenchers, bob cats….every little boy’s dream job! 😉  He can come home muddy every night and just say it’s all in a day’s work.

He’s always a little confused about why I would want to take his picture.  This is the look I usually get.  Isn’t he cute when he’s serious?

And then I tell him to “SMILE!” and I get this look.  A little less grumpy looking….but you can still tell he’s not quite sure WHY I would want to take his picture.  I think he only humored me because the tractor was in the shot!  haha!

I take photos of him and his toys basically for proof.  So that someday, when I go totally, stark raving mad, my children can pull out the pictures and tell people, well, we did have full size tractors in the garage….and who knows how many lawn mowers!  In the meantime, I’m going to keep documenting this crazy, suburban, neighborhood existence among farm equipment….

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Mom Goes to Muncie | Fort Wayne Photographer


Last weekend I had Sunday off and the hubster was out of town at a NASCAR race so….I headed down to Muncie to visit with my girls.  Knowing that they’re broke, under socialized college students, I offered to take them and their young men out to lunch.  If you know my girls then you know that anything other than Mexican food was not going to cut it.  So, off to Puerto Vallarta we went.  Their food is decent, the salsa is free flowing and the company was excellent.  If I hadn’t been driving home right after I would have been able to give you a report on their margaritas 😉

This is the good looking crew that I dined with.  From left to right we have Jim (he’s been around awhile), my Steph, Danielle (who looks decidedly short in this photo, and her new beau Jon.  He’s 6’5″, which may explain the illusion of Danielle being extra petite….lol.  Needless to say, I like them.

Closeups of my crew:

They’re cute…but then again, I may be just a bit prejudiced.  Nahhh…..

I’m definitely ready for the girls to have some free time to come home and visit with their mama.  Or at least play a few rounds of cards.  As it is, Senior Sessions are starting up with a bang and I’ll be too busy (hopefully) to miss them too much…

As always

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