All Because

You know that saying “All because two people fell in love”?  Yeah, these two are the start of the fun and crazy crew I had the privilege to photograph for a Lifestyle Session.  These two lovebirds have been together 46 years.  It’s still going strong….IMG_8349a

Grandma is an avid reader.  Much to my book-loving heart, she’s passing that love on to her grand babies.  Look at that concentration!  She made that story come to life for those littles.  So sweet. IMG_8292-1

This guy?  This guy is energy on steroids!  lol  He was a constant go, go, go, so when I noticed this moment unfolding I turned around and grabbed it.  Such a precious moment.  One that mom can look back on those “hard” days (all you mommas know what I’m talking about 😉  ) and realize that he is able to sit still!  hahahaIMG_8335a

Gotta love a dad of two girls who can go with the flow.  And these two little ladies really seemed to think their daddy was a fun guy.  Keep a hold of them, dad, they grow up fast!  IMG_8138a

Thank you so much T family.  It was an awesome, dance-filled, cooking eating time.  And next time?  I’m totally snagging a cookie!

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So, if you’ve ever talked to me for any length of time, then you know I have a best friend who is a little bit younger than me….  We, however, get along famously.  I’ve been one of her biggest fans since the moment we met.  And I cannot believe that she will be 4 soon!  My how times does fly!  In honor of her upcoming birthday we grabbed my camera and went to the Botanical Conservatory to get some photos of her.  I’m not sure we were able to capture her personality though….You be the judge:

Here’s her sassy side.  That little tongue peeking out just cracks me up.  She loved the wishing well and got to throw a whole quarter in!  Twenty-five wishes!  Sure hoping whatever they are that they come true!


Her contemplative side.  I do believe she’s plotting her escape from the camera….


The giggly side.  For some reason being on that bench just made her giggle.  Note to self: always find a bench for my bestie.


The beautiful, little, sweet soul that she only lets peek out now and then.  Those eyes and that smile do me in.  Little friend I do hope you always know how beautiful you are.  Inside and out.


And finally, her “this lady is nuts!” face.  But then she knows I’m crazy about her….


Mom and dad got in front of the camera for a few.  Little Miss tends to steal all my attention, but I’ll let them have the pleasure of sharing those themselves.   Thank you so much for allowing me to capture yet another milestone in your life little friend.  I hope to continue to see you grow into the amazing person that I know you are destined to be.

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Kelli and Nick | Fort Wayne Photographer

This past weekend I had the privilege of photographing another beautiful beginning to a happily ever after.  There were lots of details,

and tons of thought put into it.  Kelli, her mom and sister really worked to make it an unforgettable occasion.  It was hard for me to

know where to start with all the photo-ops!  So I started with the shoes and rings 😉

Kelli had a makeup artist come and do her makeup.  Highly recommend doing this!  I mean, really, check out how gorgeous she

looks and she’s not even dressed!

Time to zip up!  Her mother and sister had the honors of helping her into that gorgeous gown!  It was a perfect choice for her!

Classic and stunning.

There were a few minutes before the ceremony that we could grab a few shots of Nick and his groomsmen.  Now, don’t let those

serious faces fool you, they were one FUN group of guys!  Lots of laughs and joking around.  And I overheard a few of them trying

to do some tongue twisters.  lol

Oh my!  This is Nick’s face when he first saw his bride!  If that’s not a happy man then I’ve never seen one! 🙂

This cute made the most adorable flower girl!  Mom, Dad, watch out.  She’ll be walking down the aisle before you know it!

What an incredible church for a wedding!  It really is one of the most beautiful in

Fort Wayne.

The exchanging of the vows.  I love Kelli’s expression here.  So confident in what she is promising.  Truly in love with her groom.

Another shot of that church with an incredibly good looking wedding party up front.  See those colors Kelli chose?  So awesome

to have the two different bridesmaids dresses!

Have you ever seen a happier bride?  Totally joy on both their faces.

The first appearance of Mr and Mrs!  I love that they made an exit down the church steps!  Such a sweet, old fashioned tradition.

And the bubbles just made it that much more fun.

Hot tamales!

The wedding party went back to Kelli’s parents home for some wine and cheese.  Kelli told me at our first meeting that she

wanted pictures with her pups on her wedding day.  Check and check!

We HAD to get her sister and her dog in a picture too!  Beauty definitely runs in the family!

Then it was on to the trolley for some laughs and photos!  Totally snuck this one over the groomsman’s shoulder.  Totally don’t feel

bad about it either! 😉

Let me tell ya, this was one fine looking wedding party!  And up for anything!  Lots and lots of smiles that day!  And a few kisses too.

Kelli and Nick, it was a pleasure photographing the start of the next chapter of your lives.  Here’s to your

Happily Ever After!

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The Children | Fort Wayne Photographer

About twice a year I like to get a current photo of my children.  On a good year my husband and I are part of that photo as well – this

is not a good year.  Yet. 😉

So, on a semi-steamy morning the kids and I headed off.  Someone had the brilliant idea to bring the pups.  So we did.  If you think

your kids are bad at giving you eye contact for a photo try adding in a couple of pooches.  Pooches who are totally enamored by the

piglets that are behind you.  But we soldiered on…and got this:

Danielle is supposedly the owner of the pups.  I’m thinking they’re really mine but I don’t argue.  She wanted a pic with the pups.

Again, piglets behind me….at least Danielle managed to look at me! lol

Eventually the photographer figures out how to outsmart the curiosity of said pups.  I moved in front of them so they’d be looking at

the piglets me.  And, while I DO like this photo, it just doesn’t convey the personality of my kiddos to me.  Sooooo…again, we soldiered on.

Then we got this!  Love this.  Of course, I believe in practicing what I preach and I’ve ordered this baby BIG!  I’ve got a 24×40 canvas coming

in the mail tomorrow.  I can’t wait to get this bad boy up on my office wall.  In the meantime it’s my screen saver.  Momma’s gotta make

do with what she has 😉

So, until its time to take our annual Christmas card photo this one will be my favorite.  And the Christmas card photo?  I’ve got plans…

big, big plans.  Can’t wait!

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In Training | Fort Wayne Photographer

This past weekend we picked up my girl so she could come home for a 5k race.  It was held at Indiana Tech and the proceeds sponsored the St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen.(I always like hearing that races help organizations that do good things.  Especially when it’s a local charity.) Anyway, the race started early.  I’m NOT a morning person.  At all.  But I eagerly got out of bed to go watch her run.  Of course, there was a little extra time so I grabbed some coffee 😉  Danielle couldn’t have coffee since she was running and it was a little chilly.  I felt bad for her while I was sipping my White Chocolate Mocha.  LOL!

She’s off!  She’s a slow and steady kind of runner.  I’ve always been the mom that said I don’t care what place my kids finish as long as they finish.  Danielle has always been a finisher.  I wonder if she’s thinking “I think I can, I think I can”? Probably more like “I wish I had my mom’s coffee!”  lol

Here she comes around the last bend!  This race was run entirely on campus.  Which is about 3 blocks long by 2 blocks wide.  I didn’t see her run much of it because
of the buildings in the way but I sure did look for her around that last bend!  Always nice to see them coming!  Plus it gives me something to shoot 🙂

The triumphant finisher with a drink and a banana.  Why does every race have a bunch of bananas at the end?  Maybe if I ran I’d know the answer….not gonna risk it! lol  Isn’t that happy smile the best?!  I love how she takes pride in her accomplishments!  Of course, I do too 😉

PLUS!  Not only did she finish but she won first place in her age division!  Her first plaque ever!  Definitely a perk!

If you are interested in following Danielle’s running accomplishments she has her very own blog.  She’s over at Truffles n Treadmills.I may be biased but she does a pretty good job of writing her blog.  She started it to document her training for the Indy Marathon she is running to raise funds to help her aunt who has ovarian cancer.  Check her out! Oh, and if you’re a zombie lover like she and I, come join us at the Run for Your Lives 5k on June 22nd. She’s running and I’m covering it.  I can’t wait!

In the meantime…

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My Baby | Fort Wayne Photographer

This is my baby.  By five minutes.  He’s the younger of my twin boys.  And, as the baby, he’s always been the benchmark for how fast my children are growingup.  Now, I’m forced to face,  with bittersweet excitement, the fact that he is a Senior.  Soon, he’ll be out of the nest.  Flying on his own.  I can only hope that
I have served him well and that he has learned the lessons that he needs to get thru this crazy little thing called life.

Ok, enough nostalgia…on with the post!  This guy does not like to have his picture taken.  By this time in their Senior years my girls had dozens of photos.
This is probably it for this guy.  And, luckily for me, I got some real smiles.  This one is because he said I looked like a “creeper” while taking his photo.  😉

This is his serious look. Good thing I like this look.  Don’t tell him or he’ll revert to the silly smiles I get.  No, I’m not going to post one here.  I’ll save those fordays when I feel the need to blackmail.  You moms understand, right?

This one?  Definitely a favorite.  This is a serious contender for the canvas that I’ll have made.  I have one of each of my girls and plan on two more of my boys.I’m a HUGE fan of canvases…I’m always encouraging clients to purchase them.  And I practice what I preach 🙂  Oh, and this is a totally real smile.  With teeth!I wish I could remember what I said to get this smile.  I need to start taking notes!

So that is my baby.  Hopefully he will allow me to capture a few more images of him before he graduates.  But, if not, at least I got a few photos that show who
he is right now.  And really, isn’t that what all us moms want?

Now to get that older boy in front of my camera….

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Sometimes | Fort Wayne Family Photographer

Sometimes it’s not the moments where everybody is looking at me that are my favorite.  Sometimes it’s the ones that are slightly
out of focus.  The ones that seem to capture the emotion, the joy, the soul.  Sometimes those moments make the cut.  And those
photos? The ones that are slightly out of focus, where everyone isn’t looking at me?  Sometimes, just sometimes, they tell the
story in the best way possible.

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