Vincent – 1 Year Old

This is Vincent.  Isn’t he just the cutest little bit of red-headed yumminess you’ve ever seen?! He’s only 1 year old but he and I go waaay back.  Back to his parent’s engagement, his parent’s wedding, his parent’s maternity session, his newborn session and NOW!!! his 1 year old session!!  Gosh!  That’s a lot of camera clicks!  And I love it!  I really love getting to know my clients and watch their families grow.  Such an honor.

Anyway…Vincent.  First, before we got to the cake, we did some portraits.  I call this one “Happy Leprechaun”.


Daddy plays the guitar.  So, soon, Vincent will as well.  Right now he just kind of picks at the guitar but soon his prodigy-ness will appear for all the world to see! 😉   See those shoes?  They were in the maternity session.  I LOVE that they fit him in time for his 1 year session.  What a stylin’ little dude.


Time for cake!!!  He wasn’t so sure at first.  Ha!  That face!  I’m positive he’s thinking, “What is this delicious, sugary nectar from the gods that I have been denied thus far?”


And here? “You guys have been holding out on me!!”


“Is it all for ME?  I’ve been good, can I have it all!?!”


Mom said “YES!”


But, of course, being the little sweetheart that Mr. V is he shared with his best pal Louie.  And they all lived happily ever after.  At least until he hits the Terrible Twos! 😉


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Caleb – Class of 2016

This is Caleb.  He is one of the most relaxed, easy-going Seniors I’ve had.  His mom wanted him to get his photos taken and so he did.  He wasn’t told that he might actually enjoy it!  (He said he did, honest!)  So, armed with my handful of incredibly witty jokes – at least in my opinion – I got some awesome smiles from Caleb.  This one included.


I bet you can’t tell Caleb likes football!  Go on, admit it, you had no clue!  I always encourage my Seniors to bring any mementos from their high school days.  Team jerseys are always a good idea!  Combined with a new-to-him truck and a killer smile and we’ve got a winner folks!img_7909a_zpsca7o2o28

I asked him if he liked to hunt.  Nope.  Did he know he had dirt on his shirt?  Yup.  Did mom know he had dirt on his shirt?  Yup.  And mom, upon seeing the photo agreed, she did know about the dirt.  It just made the photo all the more “him”.  And me?  I’m totally cool with a little personality, aka “dirt”, in a photo.  All the more real….img_7923a_zpsmsz0mgi9

Another one of my jokes made him smile!  This is one of my favorites of Mr. C.  A real natural in front of my camera.  Thanks for humoring both your mother and me, Caleb.  I had a blast meeting you!  img_7880a_zpsrgn1rgccthanks for stopping by!

Charlie – Class of 2016

Meet Charlie.  Charlie and I go waaaay back.  Longer than he has even been alive!  Woah!  What?  Let me explain, his mother and I bonded way back in fourth grade over a game of hopscotch.  So, yeah, Charlie and I have some history between us 😉  And Charlie himself?  Charlie is a natural in front of the camera.  Exhibit A:


Does anyone else think he looks like he should be an extra in a 1930’s movie?  Definitely has that classic look…img_7810a_zpsfvkoar2i

Because brick is cool and I know how much his mom loves botanicals.  (She loved our high school biology class where we had to collect leaves.  Me?  Not so much)img_7799a_zpsfh7ceyky

One of his favs, one of mine.  And, really, how you have a photo of a high school senior and not have their phone in at least one of them?  lolimg_7760a_zpsjtwyxhjc

Charlie, thanks for tolerating me!  I’m thrilled to see what a fine young man you’ve become and know that you have a bright future ahead of you!  Oh, and tell your mom we need to dust up on those hopscotch skills! 😀 img_7728a_zpslmfx46vx

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Eden Class of 2016

Meet Eden.  Eden wasn’t too sure about having her Senior Pictures done.  So her mother, being wise the way mothers are, picked a location that Eden would like: Franke Park and the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.  Smart, smart mom as the location relaxed Miss E and brought out that gorgeous smile.  Exhibit A: img_7540a_zpsnf2aaqxj

Now, if you take me to your favorite place then I’m going to make sure that we get a photo of you with some type of landmark of it.  Luckily for me, the landmark was pretty easy to find 😉  And it didn’t look too shabby with Eden sitting up there either! hahaimg_7556-1_zpsvblx9k59Mom’s favorite….my favorite….you favorite?  Look how she shines!  I just love it when my client’s eyes sparkle!  Eden being absolutely gorgeous is  just a bonus at this point!


Did I say gorgeous?  Yes, yes I did.  It will probably embarrass her, but I know mom and dad will agree…img_7571a_zps1dod40uq

Now I hear tell that Eden is quite outdoorsy and that she has climbed a lot of trees in her day…so when she asked to scale a tree I was all for it!  And just look!!  Does she not look totally relaxed and natural up there?!  img_7629a_zpsejducuymThank you Eden for putting up with me (and humoring your mother) to get your Senior Photos done.  I’m so glad you said that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be!  🙂

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Paul – 2016 Senior

I realized recently how long it had been since I uploaded anything to my blog.  My sincerest apologies to anyone who has missed me!  I was incredibly busy during the fall Senior season and just did not get around to blogging.  Not that there weren’t amazing Seniors to blog!   There were….just not enough time.  Such is life.

BUT!  Never fear!  I am making time this season to show you the awesome Seniors that I have the opportunity to capture.  First up is Paul.  I have the unique pleasure  (as with some of my past Seniors) of having interacted with Paul when he was in elementary school.  I remember him as studious, intelligent and very earnest.  I am happy to report that he is the same awesome young man that I remember.  Only older.

Paul wanted some downtown / urban shots with maybe a little river.  I aim to please!  Up first, one of my favorites from his session.  Paul, you set that city skyline off quite nicely.


We have an incredible treasure in an old bridge downtown.  It is now for pedestrians only – and the occasional blue-eyed Senior.  Makes for a great backdrop too!


Did I mention Paul is a gifted musician?  I requested he play a bit for me.  Did I mention that if you bring an instrument to your session that you have to play it for me?  I didn’t?  Consider yourself warned! 😉  Is he good?  Well you be the judge as Paul received accolades from kayakers who were passing by! Yes, he’s good!


I managed to get Paul to crack a little at my incredibly awesome jokes (seriously, they’re awesome 😀 ) This is my favorite, by far.  Love that happy almost-end-of-the-school-year smile.


It was wonderful to catch up with you, Paul!  I’m hoping your architecture career has me seeing your name on buildings just like Frank Lloyd Wright!  In the mean time, keep smiling!

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#BeerWedding | Indiana Wedding Photographer

I’ve recently decided that I am, once again, a wedding photographer.  I had stopped for a bit, mainly just to catch my breath, but, now I am dipping my toe back in the water.  Well this past weekend, was my first back-in-the-wedding-business wedding.  And seriously, if I had to start somewhere, I couldn’t have picked a better bride and groom to start with.  I mean check out my beautiful bride!  Stunning.

Her beauty and talent (she’s an amazing journalist) she gets from her mother.  The headpiece?  Mom made it.  Yeah.

Of course she surrounded herself with a bevy of beauties!  Being friends with the bride I got to hang out at her bachelorette party and these gals are FUN!!!  They clean up nice too! 😉

What bride doesn’t want a ride to her ceremony in a golf cart?  Especially if her daddy is driving!  Aren’t they cute?

Our groom.  He’s pretty cute in his own right.  And agreeable.  I like that in a groom. 😉

His group of groomsmen and some ushers.  Big ol’ bunch of handsome, if I do say so myself!

His mom and daddy and brother.  Not too hard to see where he gets his good looks from!  They had an outdoor wedding so they parked an RV to block the wedding party from the guests and the gals hung out inside until it started. Genius!

FYI: if you ask a group of groomsmen to jump, they’ll usually jump. Getting them to show off their argyle socks while jumping?  Bonus!

That golf cart made it into a few pictures!  LOL

A groom and his grandma.  Let’s all give a collective “awwwwwwwww”…..

Their amazing day was followed by a fun, dancing-filled reception.  An amazing day to kick off the start of what is sure to be an amazing marriage.

Julie and Travis, Thank you so much for letting me capture the memories of your Wedding Day.  I hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon on the Emerald Isle and that you live happily ever after.

All my best, Michelle

Spring Senior Sessions | Fort Wayne High School Senior Photographer

Yup, it’s that time of year again!  The countdown to Graduation has begun.  Time to make sure you’ve got your invitations, party supplies, and,  yes, your Senior Photos.  My sessions are limited and filling fast so if you want to get on the calendar give me a text.  I can’t wait for warmer temperatures and clicking shutters!  Until then, stay warm and don’t let the Indiana winter get you down!