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I’m a Diet Coke, Starbucks and chocolate addict.  I have four kids, one dog, one cat and a very patient husband.  I love to bake, read and eat a good salad.  I’m a trained Commercial Artist, published quilt pattern designer and professional photographer.  I work  at the Journal Gazette as the Photo Editor / photojournalist and love a good challenge!  I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana but will travel darn near anywhere to take a picture!   Want to know more?  Let’s get together for a cup of coffee! You can reach me by email:

michelledaviesphotography.@live.com or by phone, text or call: 260-609-8817  (I prefer texting/ email 😉  )


3 thoughts on “About / Contact Me

  1. You are too sweet! Thanks for always making me feel good. The photos are very special. Just as I knew they would be!
    Hope to see you when we return to FW. Sam’s GG &PaPa:)

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