I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of this lovely bride this weekend.  I met Miss Jessica at her college freshman orientation with my oldest daughter.  Living in towns relatively close together they hit it off like two peas in a pod, going on to eventually share an apartment.  They’ve been fast friends ever since so I was thrilled to be asked to document her wedding day.  And what a wedding day it was!  Glorious weather, beautiful bride and bridesmaids, and handsome groom and groomsmen.  The perfect mix for a memorable day.  But see for yourself….


Dad had to wipe away tears after the “reveal” of his oldest baby on her wedding day.  I love emotional dads…


And don’t even get me started on emotional grooms!  I’ll take that picture every time!


And a bride and groom willing to hang out on a neighbor’s swing?  Yeah, you don’t need to ask me twice to get some photos of them.


The above moment is as sweet as can be.  And this?  This moment is one of my all time favorites of bride and groom photos I have taken.  Love me a wedding couple that can be silly with each other!


Fifty years from now I can only hope they remember this moment.  The moment that forever stretched in front of them.


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Sexton.  I hope your future is bright, full of love and laughter, and that you always have a smile in your hearts. IMG_1928

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