Vincent – 1 Year Old

This is Vincent.  Isn’t he just the cutest little bit of red-headed yumminess you’ve ever seen?! He’s only 1 year old but he and I go waaay back.  Back to his parent’s engagement, his parent’s wedding, his parent’s maternity session, his newborn session and NOW!!! his 1 year old session!!  Gosh!  That’s a lot of camera clicks!  And I love it!  I really love getting to know my clients and watch their families grow.  Such an honor.

Anyway…Vincent.  First, before we got to the cake, we did some portraits.  I call this one “Happy Leprechaun”.


Daddy plays the guitar.  So, soon, Vincent will as well.  Right now he just kind of picks at the guitar but soon his prodigy-ness will appear for all the world to see! 😉   See those shoes?  They were in the maternity session.  I LOVE that they fit him in time for his 1 year session.  What a stylin’ little dude.


Time for cake!!!  He wasn’t so sure at first.  Ha!  That face!  I’m positive he’s thinking, “What is this delicious, sugary nectar from the gods that I have been denied thus far?”


And here? “You guys have been holding out on me!!”


“Is it all for ME?  I’ve been good, can I have it all!?!”


Mom said “YES!”


But, of course, being the little sweetheart that Mr. V is he shared with his best pal Louie.  And they all lived happily ever after.  At least until he hits the Terrible Twos! 😉


-thanks for stopping by!


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