Paul – 2016 Senior

I realized recently how long it had been since I uploaded anything to my blog.  My sincerest apologies to anyone who has missed me!  I was incredibly busy during the fall Senior season and just did not get around to blogging.  Not that there weren’t amazing Seniors to blog!   There were….just not enough time.  Such is life.

BUT!  Never fear!  I am making time this season to show you the awesome Seniors that I have the opportunity to capture.  First up is Paul.  I have the unique pleasure  (as with some of my past Seniors) of having interacted with Paul when he was in elementary school.  I remember him as studious, intelligent and very earnest.  I am happy to report that he is the same awesome young man that I remember.  Only older.

Paul wanted some downtown / urban shots with maybe a little river.  I aim to please!  Up first, one of my favorites from his session.  Paul, you set that city skyline off quite nicely.


We have an incredible treasure in an old bridge downtown.  It is now for pedestrians only – and the occasional blue-eyed Senior.  Makes for a great backdrop too!


Did I mention Paul is a gifted musician?  I requested he play a bit for me.  Did I mention that if you bring an instrument to your session that you have to play it for me?  I didn’t?  Consider yourself warned! 😉  Is he good?  Well you be the judge as Paul received accolades from kayakers who were passing by! Yes, he’s good!


I managed to get Paul to crack a little at my incredibly awesome jokes (seriously, they’re awesome 😀 ) This is my favorite, by far.  Love that happy almost-end-of-the-school-year smile.


It was wonderful to catch up with you, Paul!  I’m hoping your architecture career has me seeing your name on buildings just like Frank Lloyd Wright!  In the mean time, keep smiling!

thanks for stopping by!


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