#BeerWedding | Indiana Wedding Photographer

I’ve recently decided that I am, once again, a wedding photographer.  I had stopped for a bit, mainly just to catch my breath, but, now I am dipping my toe back in the water.  Well this past weekend, was my first back-in-the-wedding-business wedding.  And seriously, if I had to start somewhere, I couldn’t have picked a better bride and groom to start with.  I mean check out my beautiful bride!  Stunning.

Her beauty and talent (she’s an amazing journalist) she gets from her mother.  The headpiece?  Mom made it.  Yeah.

Of course she surrounded herself with a bevy of beauties!  Being friends with the bride I got to hang out at her bachelorette party and these gals are FUN!!!  They clean up nice too! 😉

What bride doesn’t want a ride to her ceremony in a golf cart?  Especially if her daddy is driving!  Aren’t they cute?

Our groom.  He’s pretty cute in his own right.  And agreeable.  I like that in a groom. 😉

His group of groomsmen and some ushers.  Big ol’ bunch of handsome, if I do say so myself!

His mom and daddy and brother.  Not too hard to see where he gets his good looks from!  They had an outdoor wedding so they parked an RV to block the wedding party from the guests and the gals hung out inside until it started. Genius!

FYI: if you ask a group of groomsmen to jump, they’ll usually jump. Getting them to show off their argyle socks while jumping?  Bonus!

That golf cart made it into a few pictures!  LOL

A groom and his grandma.  Let’s all give a collective “awwwwwwwww”…..

Their amazing day was followed by a fun, dancing-filled reception.  An amazing day to kick off the start of what is sure to be an amazing marriage.

Julie and Travis, Thank you so much for letting me capture the memories of your Wedding Day.  I hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon on the Emerald Isle and that you live happily ever after.

All my best, Michelle


2 thoughts on “#BeerWedding | Indiana Wedding Photographer

  1. Love so much of this!!! 1) Grandma Beer is the best. She’s the one we dressed up in TP at the shower, yes? 2) That second pic of Julie in this string is my fav of the bunch, I think ❤ 3) Trav + bridesmaids + golf cart = so much win 4) Her dad was such a proud papa. Great pics, friend!

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