New Kitties | Fort Wayne Pet Photographer

My oldest recently got new kittens.  And, being a college student who likes to come home for long weekends, she brought them with her.  Ethel wasn’t too sure about the visitors.  Of course the visitors weren’t too sure about her either.  That’s Hazel peeking out from behind the closet door.

George was playing in the background.  Ethel did her best to keep an eye on him without him realizing it.

Di did her best to get them to warm up to each other.  The hissing has ceased but I’m picturing long naps together in the near future.  Or ever.  😉

Hazel is quite curious.  And fast.  It took a lot of kitten wrangling to get this photo.  And kitten wrangling is not easy.  Or fast.  But, when the cuteness is so readily available you do what you gotta do….

This next photo, while just a bit fuzzy, is my absolute favorite from their little photo session.  Do you see how that little man leaps?  He does that all the time when he’s playing.  He took a nap soon after.  I wanted to take one as well….but hey, somebody’s gotta do the editing!

Here’s to lots of cavorting and and cartwheeling  in your near future!

-thanks for stopping by!


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