Liberty and Rogan | Fort Wayne Photographer

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful, sweet, family-filled wedding.  It was definitely a day filled with

smiles of joy.  First up, the lovely bride, her mother, her (now) mother-in-law, and her precious little girl.  What a bunch of lovely ladies!

Oh  yeah, it’s definitely in the genes!

Liberty and Rogan wanted a picture before the wedding but they didn’t want to see each other.  So, we made sure to make it happen!

Of course, I had to see if we could get the little one in the action.  She wasn’t too sure about it, but what a moment!  I adore

capturing little ones just the way they are.  She had lots of smiles the day of the wedding, but she was still a little leery of all the excitement.

Oh Miss Liberty, you are stunning.  Seriously.

Let’s not forget the groom!  He’s got some good genes on his side too! 😉

Yup, you photograph well, Rogan!  I can see where Little Miss gets those eyes of hers!

The wedding, as I said, was simple, yet beautiful.  Beautiful location + a lovely couple = couldn’t get better.

Little Miss didn’t actually want to sit and watch the wedding of her parents so she had a little snack.  She did however catch her parents’

first kiss.  Love her face here.

The happy couple!  And, oh the look that Rogan is giving his bride!  Yup, happily ever after is definitely in their future!

So, here’s to the happy couple!  May your days be long and sweet together!  All my best!

thanks for stopping by!


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