Mom Goes to Muncie | Fort Wayne Photographer


Last weekend I had Sunday off and the hubster was out of town at a NASCAR race so….I headed down to Muncie to visit with my girls.  Knowing that they’re broke, under socialized college students, I offered to take them and their young men out to lunch.  If you know my girls then you know that anything other than Mexican food was not going to cut it.  So, off to Puerto Vallarta we went.  Their food is decent, the salsa is free flowing and the company was excellent.  If I hadn’t been driving home right after I would have been able to give you a report on their margaritas 😉

This is the good looking crew that I dined with.  From left to right we have Jim (he’s been around awhile), my Steph, Danielle (who looks decidedly short in this photo, and her new beau Jon.  He’s 6’5″, which may explain the illusion of Danielle being extra petite….lol.  Needless to say, I like them.

Closeups of my crew:

They’re cute…but then again, I may be just a bit prejudiced.  Nahhh…..

I’m definitely ready for the girls to have some free time to come home and visit with their mama.  Or at least play a few rounds of cards.  As it is, Senior Sessions are starting up with a bang and I’ll be too busy (hopefully) to miss them too much…

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