The Children | Fort Wayne Photographer

About twice a year I like to get a current photo of my children.  On a good year my husband and I are part of that photo as well – this

is not a good year.  Yet. 😉

So, on a semi-steamy morning the kids and I headed off.  Someone had the brilliant idea to bring the pups.  So we did.  If you think

your kids are bad at giving you eye contact for a photo try adding in a couple of pooches.  Pooches who are totally enamored by the

piglets that are behind you.  But we soldiered on…and got this:

Danielle is supposedly the owner of the pups.  I’m thinking they’re really mine but I don’t argue.  She wanted a pic with the pups.

Again, piglets behind me….at least Danielle managed to look at me! lol

Eventually the photographer figures out how to outsmart the curiosity of said pups.  I moved in front of them so they’d be looking at

the piglets me.  And, while I DO like this photo, it just doesn’t convey the personality of my kiddos to me.  Sooooo…again, we soldiered on.

Then we got this!  Love this.  Of course, I believe in practicing what I preach and I’ve ordered this baby BIG!  I’ve got a 24×40 canvas coming

in the mail tomorrow.  I can’t wait to get this bad boy up on my office wall.  In the meantime it’s my screen saver.  Momma’s gotta make

do with what she has 😉

So, until its time to take our annual Christmas card photo this one will be my favorite.  And the Christmas card photo?  I’ve got plans…

big, big plans.  Can’t wait!

-thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “The Children | Fort Wayne Photographer

  1. very beautiful I can still see there faces when we first met that was when they were 4,3,2 ish oh what days we had with our extended families – will never forget it

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