It’s Been Awhile | Fort Wayne Photographer

It's Been Awhile | Fort Wayne Photographer

This photo of my old friend pretty much sums it up.  I’ve got the summer blues.  Oh, it’s nothing to worry about, I get them every year.  The heat combined with all the kids lying around complaining of nothing to do in the last days of freedom just adds up.  Now, mind you, my children aren’t in that stage anymore but it’s become a habit for me. 😉

So, while I have TONS of stuff to show you and tell you about what’s been going on around here….I won’t.  I’ll save it for another day.  Right now I’m going for a bike ride with my daughter.  She’s running, I’m riding.  That seems about right.

Hope all is right with your day!
and thanks for stopping by


P.S.   Yes, she has a growth on her eye.  It’s been evaluated and she’s good.  No need to worry!  It’s part of her charm 😉


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