Ten on Tuesday

1. What did you do this weekend?

I had planned on turning my daughter’s room into more of a guest room.  When I mentioned it to my son he declared that he would trade rooms with me and I could have his for my long awaited office.  So, long story short, we painted, moved furniture, and generally caused total chaos in the hallway.  And now I have an office that is not in the laundry room.  With a window! Oh, and I had to work a bit….

2. Do you prefer short fingernails or long fingernails?

For me short.  But, if you have pretty nails, I’ll be jealous 😉

3. What is your favorite use for Pinterest?
Do I have to pick just one?  Recipes.  Craft ideas.  Waste of time.  All of the above.

4. Do you sleep with your mouth open?No clue.  I’ve never asked my husband.  I hope my mouth is closed though!

5. Where did you have the best pizza you’ve ever eaten?

There used to be a restaurant here in town called Noble Romans.  It was perfection in a pizza pie.  Tons of cheese, a rich sauce and perfect crust all cut into manageable squares.  Sadly, it closed a while ago.  I’m still searching….

6. What do you eat for breakfast on weekdays?
Coffee.  Do people really eat food before lunch time?

7. Do you watch awards shows? Why or why not?
No.  I never know who’s who and I have no clue what movies they’re talking about.  The hubster watches country music award shows….

8. Can you whistle? Snap? Curl your tongue? Bend down and touch your palms to the ground?
All the above and bake a cake!  lol

9. What email service do you use?
I pretty much have an email with every server available in my area.  Except Frontier.  I don’t know why…maybe I drew the line at remembering one more password.

10. What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Laying in my hammock with the kindle.  It’s a great way to spend a nice afternoon.  I always let the dogs lounge outside with me so we can all enjoy whiling away the day.

And, because a photographer cannot post an entry without a photo, I’ll share a recent favorite: I took this picture this weekend while I was working.  I don’t know why but the building plus the sky just appealed to me.  It’s always fun to look around and notice things that have always been there.


as always

-thanks for stopping by!


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