Learning | Fort Wayne Photographer

I’m having a blast  hard at work here in St. Louis at the After Dark photographers’ convention.  I’ve met some pretty awesome people

and sat in on some amazing workshops. We’ve even had hands on learning by going out around our hotel and shooting models.  Did

I say I was hard at work?  It’s really more like fun, but this is what I love to do so….tomato / tomatah 😉


Here’s an image from a class yesterday that was presented by Neil Van Niekerk.  Amazing body of work and super teacher.  My brain

is absolutely spinning on what can be done!  I’m especially looking forward to bringing some of this new-found knowledge back to

my clients.  So, if you’ve been following my photography be prepared to (hopefully) see a shift in what I’ve been producing.  Because

it’s going to be all new stuff, baby.  All new stuff. 🙂

thanks for stopping by!


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