My Baby | Fort Wayne Photographer

This is my baby.  By five minutes.  He’s the younger of my twin boys.  And, as the baby, he’s always been the benchmark for how fast my children are growingup.  Now, I’m forced to face,  with bittersweet excitement, the fact that he is a Senior.  Soon, he’ll be out of the nest.  Flying on his own.  I can only hope that
I have served him well and that he has learned the lessons that he needs to get thru this crazy little thing called life.

Ok, enough nostalgia…on with the post!  This guy does not like to have his picture taken.  By this time in their Senior years my girls had dozens of photos.
This is probably it for this guy.  And, luckily for me, I got some real smiles.  This one is because he said I looked like a “creeper” while taking his photo.  😉

This is his serious look. Good thing I like this look.  Don’t tell him or he’ll revert to the silly smiles I get.  No, I’m not going to post one here.  I’ll save those fordays when I feel the need to blackmail.  You moms understand, right?

This one?  Definitely a favorite.  This is a serious contender for the canvas that I’ll have made.  I have one of each of my girls and plan on two more of my boys.I’m a HUGE fan of canvases…I’m always encouraging clients to purchase them.  And I practice what I preach 🙂  Oh, and this is a totally real smile.  With teeth!I wish I could remember what I said to get this smile.  I need to start taking notes!

So that is my baby.  Hopefully he will allow me to capture a few more images of him before he graduates.  But, if not, at least I got a few photos that show who
he is right now.  And really, isn’t that what all us moms want?

Now to get that older boy in front of my camera….

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