A Good Cause and A Giveaway | Fort Wayne Photographer

I’ve told you before about my daughter Danielle.  It’s been a while but she’s still in training for that marathon and she’s still raising money for her aunt.  She’s pretty awesome.

A part of her fund raising includes selling t-shirts.  They’re pretty cool:

And, to encourage you to perhaps consider buying a t-shirt (like I did), I’m doing a special give away!  Purchase a shirt, take a photo of yourself in it–you don’t need any fancy equipment, a cell phone snap will work–and email it to me.  I’ll  put all the names in a hat (random generator) and pick a winner.  What do you win, you ask? A photo shoot with me!  It’ll be at least an hour long shoot, mutually agreeable location (I’m pretty agreeable 😉 ) and you can do some clothing changes.  No, you don’t HAVE to wear the shirt for your shoot! LOL  The only rule is you must live or come to the Fort Wayne area.  I consider that anywhere withing 20 miles of downtown Fort Wayne.  Pretty easy, huh?!  So, go buy your shirt here and then send me a photo here: michelledavies@michelledaviesphotography.com   Danielle will also be posting the photos on her blog so you’ll definitely be famous for a day either way!

I can’t wait to see you all in pictures!  And t-shirts, of course.

Thanks for stopping by!


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