Snow Beast | Fort Wayne Pet Photographer

You remember Maci, right?  She’s been a frequent visitor to the blog.  Of course, with all the personality that she’s got how could she not get some web time? 😉
What you may not know about Miss Maci is that she is an avid fan of the great outdoors.  If she could stay outside all day she would.  She loves nothing morethan to sit in the yard – with her back to the house – and keep an eye on the neighborhood.  And snow?  Snow just makes it all that much better to be outside!Here she’s keeping an eye on me.  She’s pretty sure that I’m going to throw snow and she’s preparing herself for the onslaught.

I LOVE this shot!  She’s attacking the snow I threw at her.  It totally looks like she’s spewing snow though!  Oh, yes, I am easily amused….lol

She’s totally out of focus and I totally adore the feeling of this shot.  So much energy and excitement in that little squat pup!  Just after this she convincedEthel to run around in the snow with her.  Ethel is not such a fan of being outside but she’ll let herself be convinced on occasion.

We’re supposed to get rain this weekend so you can be sure that Miss Mace and I will be back outside again tomorrow.  Making snowballs while the snow falls.

-thanks for stopping by!


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