Checking In | Fort Wayne Photographer

We had a great Christmas and start to the New Year.  So far January has been a great start to 2013.  I’ve made quite a few resolutions (I was going for 113, but
who am I kidding?)  So far though I’m doing fairly well.  Of course, the year has just begun 😉  I thought I’d pop in here and share a few of my favorite photos
so far from this month.  I did really well with the Project 365 last year and thought I’d continue it.  It’s really fun to be able to look back at the photos from last
year and see what happened.

Here’s a few from this month:

1) The girls spent their last day home from break at my counter.  I really enjoyed having them around.  They’re becoming quite enjoyable young ladies. 2) North Eastern Indiana is experiencing another unseasonably warm winter.  I, myself, like a winter that looks like a winter. 3) I picked up some fun goodies for the girls.Stephanie collects rubber ducks and Danielle is a budding fitness guru.  You can check out her blog about it here. 4) One of my goals is to create more.  That includesjournaling / doodling.  I’d forgotten how nice it is to pick up a colored pencil!  5) Another goal is walking the pups at least twice a week.  So far so good and I’ve gota pair of happy pooches!  6) Trying to look up more.  And look around.  There’s SO many cool images just waiting to be made out there!  This year I’ll be on the searchfor them!  7) I’ve discovered Maci is perfectly camouflaged on the living room couch.  8) Trying to spend some more time with the boys.  They’re seniors this year and I know all too well how quick the rest of this school year is going to go.  I can’t believe my babies are just about ready to fly the coop!  9) After years of me badgeringhim the hubster is finally texting!!  Woohoo!  I love being able to shoot a quick thought without having to get into a long conversation.So, that’s the first part of my month.  I hope your New Year has started off well and that you’re sticking to any resolutions you may have made.  I know I haven’tin the past so we’ll see how long this lasts!

-Thanks for stopping by!



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