And You Smile | Proud Momma Post

When your children are little the things they do on a daily basis amaze you.  They learn to roll, to crawl, to toddle, to walk.  Each new achievement
takes your breath away.  The pride wells up and its all you can do to not grab random strangers and tell them how amazing your child is.  Then…
then they settle in.  And while the pride in their everyday successes continues, it’s just not the heart-stopping, jaw-dropping moments that you
experienced for so brief a period.  Until.  One day.  Your oldest starts a blog.  A blog that she dedicates to her daily adventures in training for a marathon.
A marathon that she will run to raise money towards the end of Ovarian Cancer.  And that moment?  THAT moment makes you lose your breath.
Because you know, in that moment, that she has grown to become the young woman you knew she could be.  The one that sees when others suffer and
wants to help ease that pain.  The young woman who will reach out and make a difference.  That’s when you realize the saying “it’s not the breaths you take but the
moments that take your breath away” is so true.  And you smile.  And then you get the sudden urge to run out and grab random strangers and tell them about
the awesome daughter that you have.  Life’s circles are grand, aren’t they?

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