We Remember | 9-11

This past Spring I had the pleasure of traveling to New York City.  It was an amazing trip.  Filled with friends, laughter and unforgettable experiences.  One of which was visiting the 911 Memorial.  I have talked to several people who have visited this amazing monument and all of them agree: it is an awe-inspiring, yet humbling, thing to see.  Until you have actually been there, walked around the site, and looked up at the imposing buildings that still stand on either side, you have no idea of the size.  To know that buildings stood where people mill around now, that total chaos reigned in that place of almost chapel-like silence, is mind numbing.  And to know that we, as Americans, are doing our best to move on yet hold up the memory of those lost, is inspiring.

The visit begins like this.  A wall around the monument as there is still construction going on.  It is heavily guarded.  You have to go thru metal detectors, similar to airport security.  But, can you blame the people of New York for protecting themselves?  Being scanned and watching my purse go thru a metal detector is a small price for me to pay.

Yes, patriotism is alive and well in the buildings around the memorial.  This flag was so incredible to see.

I like the way the buildings around rise up.  Almost as if they are protecting what once towered above them.  The weak have become the strong and protect what once rose above them.

And it was truly incredible to me that planes still fly so close.  It seemed as if one flew over every few minutes.   Its hard to see but there’s a reflection of one in that building.  To me this picture shows how we, as Americans, can move forward.  Yes, a plane brought us to our collective knees that tragic morning.  No, we will not let it stop us in our daily lives.

And this photo?  THIS photo tells me that we will not forget.  EVER.  We can move on.  We can look to the future.  But we will honor our past and those who died.  Whether in battle or in innocence.  We are AMERICA.  And we remember.

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