The Summer of the Birthdays | Fort Wayne Photographer

In our house summers = birthdays.  Since all four of my children have summer birthdays when they were growing up we often had great, big, collective parties.
It worked.  Now, that they’re getting older (I am not getting older, I’d like to point out 😉 ) they don’t necessarily want to celebrate together.   And really, I can’t
blame them.  They deserve a special recognition of the day of their birth.  I always take the day off, cook whatever they request for dinner and make their favorite
dessert.  It’s the little things that count, right?

Up first on our list of birthday people: my oldest, Danielle.  Otherwise known as Princess.  Her birthday fell on the same day as the huge storm that hit our area.
And took out a tree in our front yard.  That’s my baby!  She never does anything in a small way! lol  Her birthday was a fairly small affair this year.  We actually
celebrated the night before due to plans made by the hubster.  She didn’t mind.  As long as you get a cake that’s dedicated to you does it really matter when it happens?
Plus, her BIG 21st birthday is next year!  We are already making plans!

Second in the line up is Stephanie, Steph, Sissy, etc.  (Isn’t it convenient that I had my children in order? haha!)  Stephanie’s big day was celebrated on her
birthday but she wanted to go hang with friends in the evening so we had a short little to-do.  Oh, and her dessert?  She requested fruit kabobs.  So we
skewered pound cake and strawberries, then drizzled it all with chocolate.  BIG hit!  Something I really should do again before summer ends and fruit becomes
ridiculously overpriced and created in green houses.  Here she is trying to put candles into the kabobs.

And last, but never least (they wouldn’t allow it) is the boys.  They’re 18 this year.  God help me.  Or, rather, God help them because it’s legal to kick ’em out now!
Just don’t tell them that I could never do it, k? K!  Anyway, here in town there’s a mexican restaurant that will treat you to a free meal on your birthday.  The
kids love it.  And, since two meals would be covered, we headed there for lunch!  They asked my dad to join them for the celebration.  And, here they all are:

My Summer Birthdays Children.  When I had them I really debated the logic of 1) having them all so close together and 2) having them all in the summer.
And now?  Now I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I’m hoping that they get to celebrate many, many more summer birthdays!

-thanks for stopping by!





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