Fun in the Sun | South Carolina Adeventures

So, we drove and drove and drove (it was a long drive 😉 ) and finally arrived in South Carolina.  And it was TOTALLY worth the drive time!  We had a superb
time.  Got lots of things crossed off that bucket list of mine.  Of course it doesn’t seem any shorter but, still, things got crossed off.  And memories were made.
That’s the best part.

Before the trip I bought a Lifeproof case for my phone before we left. Best. Investment. Ever.  My phone is now waterproof.  Which enabled me to get most of
these photos.  And had the best time doing it!  We’re talking laugh-out-loud-crazy-lady-in-the-ocean-with-a-camera pictures.  Floating around with my toes
peeking out of the water and snapping pics?  Yup, its as fun as it sounds.


Above, photos from the ocean with the boys playing in the waves.  The other photos are from Charleston.  I adored the charm of that city!  Lots of secret
gardens down alleys, colorful doors and tons of original structures.  And the marketplace was fun to see.  A little more commercial than I expected but, still,
I walked the brick floors of a building steeped in history.  Pretty cool.



We talked a random stranger into taking out photo.  That’s the beauty of traveling with a cell phone and not my big camera: anyone can use it 😉  The extra
cutie on the end is the kids’ aunt.  She’s the gracious host who tolerated us for the time we were there.  So nice to stay with family!  Thanks, Maha!!

After a day spent in Charleston and a super hot day exploring a plantation the kids elected to spend their third day at the pool.  It was a good choice as we
had fleeting experiences with rain off and on.  And relaxing poolside and not driving for a few hours was nice too.

This pic is really red…welcome to cell phone photos…but I love it.  That case definitely earned its keep over the course of our vacation!  I could never have taken
a photo of this with the big camera.  Well, I could have, but then I’d never be able to use it again! Ha!

So, just a few quick pics to sum up the vacation.  It was awesome.  And I totally want to go back again.  Or to California to visit the other cousins….better start
saving my pennies ’cause I’m NOT driving there! lol

-thanks for stopping by!





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