Everyone Loves A Parade | Fort Wayne Photographer

Like most towns ours has an annual parade.  The Three Rivers Festival Parade.  Now, I’m not such a big fan of parades.  I know, I know,
summer is not summer without  picnics, sprinklers, and a hometown parade.  So, every few years I manage to drag myself out to watch
one.  Plus, the fact that my Stephanie was in this year’s event helped motivate me just a little bit 😉

Let’s hit the highlights, shall we?  Here’s Icy.  As a photographer for the paper I have been to a lot of hockey games where Icy is the mascot.
And he is HYSTERICAL!  If you live in the area and haven’t been to a game then get one on your calendar!  The matches are good and the
off-ice entertainment is memorable.


Uh…yeah Darth Vader made an appearance.  Never saw that happen before but, hey!  It’s the midwest!  We like to spice things up a bit here in the Heartland! 😉

Shriners.  It is NOT a parade without this noble group in attendance.

Loved the horses!  There are some days that I wish for the “good ol’ days” where horses were our mode of transportation.  Then I smell road apples and gauge
the amount of time it would take me to get to the grocery store.  lol

An armadillo.  I got nothing.

Pups!  Yeah, I just like dogs.  That blurry part at the bottom is the little kids who were standing in front waiting for candy.  I was too lazy to stand up didn’t
want to stand up and block the spectators behind me.

The men in blue.  You simply cannot have a parade without the Stars and Stripes.  And, really, would we have a parade to begin with without them?

Bagpipes.  Men in skirts.  Yup, let your mind go there. 😉  I digress….I love the music!  bwahahaha

  • OH!  LOOK!  The reason I went to this year’s parade!  That big red bird is my daughter!  Why is she a big red bird?  She was with the Ball State alumni group.
    No, she’s not an alumni.  She’s actually headed off in a few days to start her freshman year.  (Danielle will be starting her sophomore year)  We were so excited
    to see her cross to the other side of the street and not see us…BUT!  It was awesome to see her in the parade all the same.

And after she passed in front of us I took off.  So, that my friends, is the highlight of our Three Rivers Festival Parade.  A good time was had by all.   Especially
the big red bird. 😉

-thanks for stopping by


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