Road Trippin’ | Traveling Photographer

Beginning Saturday I will be out of the office.  Two of the youngun’s  + an extra
and I are headed to the lovely state of oblivion South Carolina.  We plan on going
to the beach.  From which I may never return.  I haven’t been to the beach since a
family vacation when I was in the third grade.  I do believe the ocean and I are
long overdue for renewing our friendship 😉  Hopefully we’ll be able to time it
right and our sandy stretch will be as calm and peaceful as this:

One of our days I plan to go into Charleston.  I’ve never been.  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be.  Little
known fact:  I’m a huge history fan.  Especially the Civil War.  As a kid I loved reading up on the
Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman and all things related.  I even did some research on how
quilts played a role in the escape plans of slaves.  Yeah, Charleston and I are meant to be.  I’d love to
do a tour of a plantation but I’d happily settle for just wandering some streets and soaking up the
atmosphere.  Unless its unbearably hot.  And muggy.  Then I’ll probably find a sidewalk cafe and
watch the atmosphere go by 😉

And this?  If I see a sunset like this, well then, I just may never come back.  My poor husband will
have to come and drag me back to the farmlands and corn fields.  Of course, if he
comes looking for me he may fall in love with the salt air and we’ll live by the sea forever 🙂

Yeah, not gonna happen!  I’ll be back to the computer and camera on Monday, August
6th.  Til then,

thanks for stopping by!


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