What I’m Lovin’ | Summer Addictions

If you’ve ever eaten / talked with my children / met them, then you know that they LOVE salsa!  While at a
4th of July party I sampled ate more than I should have of a black bean salsa that was brought to the potluck.
So, while heading to the grocery store a few days later, I decided to look and see if I find a salsa recipe that was
similar.  And I found this one: Salsa
The kids really liked it–except for the crunchy avocado.  So, we’ll be making it again soon–without the avocado 😉

And, with summer being here, and my having some extra time on my hands, I’ve found
it very relaxing to watch reruns of Criminal Minds.  Nothing better than a good, scary, twisted mystery!

I’m not a huge tv watcher though…so I’ve also been spending a lot of time with my Kindle.  I love the ease
of being able to get books on it!  And the fact that my locallibrary does digital lending makes it that much easier!
If you are a member of the Allen County Public Library and have a digital device check it out!  It’s an especially
enjoyable hobby poolside 😉

And, on my GoodReads list was this gem:

I wasn’t sure about the monkey theme, but, having read Water for Elephants, and enjoying that, I thought
I’d give it a chance.  And I’m glad I did because  it was a great book!  Definitely a “must-read”!  You can get it here
for that digital device: Ape House

Of course, since much of the country has been in a severe heat wave / drought, and Indiana is almost smack dab in
the middle, I’ve been constantly in need of a cool drink.  Lemonade is awesome but this, this is just dreamy!  I’ve pretty
much kicked my Starbucks habit since discovering this!  You can find it at Kroger and Sam’s Club.  Probably other
places too but that’s where I get my hook up! lol

So, that’s what I’ve been whiling away the time with.  Oh, and photography! 😉  That definitely is always on the
front burner! haha  So, what’s your guilty pleasures this summer?  Favorite reads?  Hang outs?  I’d love to hear!

-thanks for stopping by!


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