Proud Military Family | Indiana Army National Guard

If you’ve met my children (or me) then you know that their dad is in the military.  The Indiana Army National Guard to be exact.  He is not a weekender–he’s a
full-timer.  Which means he works every day, 24/7, at beck and call, etc., etc., or whenever Uncle Sam needs him.  And, while my children have missed seeing
him for a lot of events, holidays, birthdays, and one very long tour he did overseas in Iraq, they are proud of him and what he stands for:  Freedom.

He didn’t grow up planning to go into the military. There’s no long family history of service.  He was born in Tripoli, Lebanon and  came to this country at 18,
to go to college.  He eventually became a citizen and then, shortly after we married, he joined the Guard.   I don’t think he ever expected to go as far as he has in
his military career.  And so, even though he and I are no longer married, I am proud of him as well.

Tuesday, July 3rd, the kids and I, along with a good percentage of his brothers and sisters, traveled to Indianapolis to watch him get promoted.  (He joined the Army
a little late in the game so this will be his last promotion.)  And, I have to think, with all the supporters, friends, and family that were present, perhaps it was the best?
Only he could say….  Anyway, I, of course, took a camera.  Did you think I wouldn’t? 😉  And I captured what I hope will be a photo that will help him to always
remember what all the sacrifices he has made have been for:  the privilege of making sure that his children remain free,  the right to pursue any dreams that they can dream,
and the knowledge that their dad stands behind them in all that they do.  And to that I say, HUA, Sergeant Major  Abouhalkah!  HUA!

So, as you celebrate this Fourth of July with fireworks, potlucks and good friends, remember those who stand between you and all that threatens that freedom.
And, perhaps, say a word of thanks.

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5 thoughts on “Proud Military Family | Indiana Army National Guard

  1. Happy 4th!! Please thank your husband for his service!! And thank your family for their sacrifice in sharing him with us! It means a lot that others are willing to sacrifice so the rest of us can be free!! ❤

  2. Gorgeous family and thank your husband for his sacrifice and service!!! As the daughter of a Vietnam Vet, the Army (and the rest of the military) will always hold a special place in my heart.

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