June 2012 | Instagram Wrap Up

Do you do a 365 Project? It’s a daily photo, that you save to a calendar, and then, if you actually follow thru (are you sensing that that might be my downfall?)
then you can look back and see your whole year in photos! So far, I’m doing fairly good! And it’s even half way thru the year! Wait!!! What??? I just read my
own words: “half way thru the year”….seriously? Wow! Time is definitely flying. Anyway….on to my calendar!

1. Shooting TinCaps baseball 2. The dogs take a break 3. The creeper in the window 4. Brad & I on a date night 5. Danielle gets her thyroid checked 6. Diesel
enjoys the sunroom 7. My bestie brought over planters for me 8. The photos from our family session arrived! 9. Watching the watcher 10. Cards and snacks with
some of my favorite ladies 11. A healthy dinner (trying to implement a salad for dinner one night a week) 12. Photographed puppies! 13. Took Stephanie to her
Ball State orientation 14. Stephanie cleaned her room 15. An icy Pepsi at Coney Island with my girls and their guys 16. My baby graduates!! 17. Father’s Day
18. Diesel takes a nap after wreaking havoc 19. Baking cupcakes 20. Hooter is exhausted from Diesel wreaking havoc 21. All the pets nap at once
22. Took the kiddos to Zesto’s 23. Grad Party!! 24. Grad Party clean up 25. Brad’s Birthday 26. Watched the birdies on date night with the hubster 27. Diesel
is laid out from the heat 28. Diesel enjoys the air conditioner being turned on 29. My baby turns 20!! 30. My bestie brought her dog over during the power outage
after a thunderstorm took out half the city.
Yeah, I’m not all that exciting…but I’m sure some day that I’ll enjoy having this record of every day life. I take tons of other photos too on my iPhone but these are
the ones that sum up those days. And really….aren’t the memories that photos trigger really what it’s all about? Huh…maybe that’s why I do what I do! 😉

-thanks for stopping by!


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