Fun Finds | Obsessed with Pinterest

I like Pinterest.  Do you Pin?  It’s a great timesucker place to get great ideas.  There’s several recipes that
I’ve tried, which have become family favorites.  And, of course, lots of good ideas that I want to try.  I’ve
also got a “What to Wear” board that clients can check out if they’re stumped on how to dress for their
session.  (Don’t tell but I sometimes check it myself 😉 )

Here’s a few of my latest favorite pins:

I want this bike.  A lot.  Plus, how cool would it be to ride around with a basket in front?  Of course,
they have flowers in theirs and I’d rather have a pet in mine.  Or a picnic lunch.  Now THAT would be fun!

And as  long as we’re on a food topic (picnic, remember?) here’s a VERY TRUE POSTER:

This reminds me of my hubster.  He loves seeing mullets in public!  I swear if the man
had hair he’d probably grow one just to say he had one! hahahaha  Got any good mullet
pics?  Send ’em my way so I can show him!

And THIS one made me spit diet coke all over my desk!  This is SO my dogs!  And, really,
let’s be honest, who’s dog isn’t like this?  Especially if there’s a cat box nearby….ewwwww

Note:  I will be out of the office (and the sunroom) for a few days.  I am going to my middle
child’s college snoozefest orientation, followed by her graduation, some parties, a little
work and preparing for her actual party.  (I’m already tired just writing that!)
SO, all that is so you know that any correspondence that actually requires some
thought, will be put on hold for a bit.  I will try my best, but I make no promises! 🙂
Of course, you’ll probably see me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
I can do those on my phone! haha!  In the meantime….

thanks for stopping by!


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