Seriously? | Fort Wayne Senior Photographer

My baby girl finished her last day of high school today.  Seriously?  When did she grow up?  Seems like just yesterday she was toddling behind my dad to go
trim the lilac bushes.  She was my chubby little baby girl…and now?  Not so much.  We were lucky enough to get her god-father to meet us with his car.
And then we smoked out a few images.  And my smoked I mean “smokin’ ”  I’m thinking I may have to hide that dress so it doesn’t go off to college with her 😉
Lucky for me she usually wears jeans and workout clothes.  Phew!

Of course, we had to get a few images from in the car.  And her silly uncle left the keys in it!  Good thing for him she’s a good girl.  Not like her mother who
would have thrown it in drive and gone for a spin! Oh wait…wait…I would NEVER do that!

Here she is.  All ready to drive off into her future.  Well, maybe not in THAT car, but she’s ready!  And I’m ready to see where she’ll go!  It’s going to be one
heck of a ride!

But, in the back of my mind, I’ll always be seeing that chubby little girl who grew up into a gorgeous young lady.  And, in between, had a few gangly years:

Love ya babe!

-thanks for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “Seriously? | Fort Wayne Senior Photographer

  1. I’m not sure she’ll like that you posted the last one 😀 But yeah, she’s a beautiful young woman and I looove the last one of the car session !

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