Sunshiney Smiles | Fort Wayne Senior Photographer

Meet Andrea.  Andrea is the little sister of David.  David and I are besties 😉  So I knew when Andrea contacted
me for her Senior Photos that I would love her too.  And I did!  How could I not with a smile like this?  And
her clear blue eyes?  Yeah, we’re now besties, too.  Right, Andrea?  Andrea?… 😀

Anyway, Andrea started off her session in one of my favorite colors: sunshine yellow.  Totally matches her
smile and personality.  And, let me just say, Andrea is one of the easiest people to make laugh.  Made getting
her to smile naturally a total breeze!

Did I tell you she was adorable?  I did?  Sorry…sometimes I like to repeat the obvious.

Big brother requested we head to the bridge to get some shots of little sis.  And boy am I glad we did!  There was just a hint of a breeze out there
above the water and it played so well with Andrea.  This shot here?  It needs to be printed LARGE!  Or at least in my humble opinion 🙂

I liked this shot so much I had to see how it’d look in black and white.  Now, let me tell ya, black and white is not made for every picture.  Sometimes
the colors are lost in the transition.  But this picture?  THIS picture??  This picture is GORGEOUS in black and white!  I actually can’t decide which
version I prefer.  And that’s a rarity for me.  I’m pretty opinionated.  At least that’s what my family tells me.  Of course, they’re wrong.  hahaha

So, Andrea, I hope you’ve enjoyed your Sneak Peek.  I loved spending time with you and David wandering around the park.  I hope I’ll get to meet that little
brother in a few years and that you’ll both come along with him.  After all I can always use someone to work that diffuser! lol

-thanks for stopping by!


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