High School Sweetheart | Fort Wayne Senior Photographer

Meet Lizzie.  The cutest, sweetest thing this side of a soccer field.  We’d been trying to get her schedule in the finished column
for a week or so and, though rain was on the  horizon, we managed to knock this one out of the park!  Oh, and we got
some super adorable images too!  Of course, with a smile that’s as bright and contagious as Lizzie’s it’s hard not to
get some superb photos! 😉

Snider High School Senior

Not only is Lizzie super sweet but she’s a killer force on the soccer field.  She’s been a player for the Snider
soccer team since she was a freshman and I know I’ve enjoyed seeing her stop oncoming opponents on the
field.  She’s a little mini dynamo!  Of course, if she smiles as sweet as this the other team will never know
what hit them!

Snider High School Senior

And this photo I just couldn’t resist.  The lashes! The lashes!  Her mom and I just loved it…so, of course, I had to share 😉

Snider High School Senior

Oh, and because Lizzie mentioned her session with me on Facebook she’s added 8 free wallets to her order!  If you’re a client of mine, and post before, during,
or immediately after that you had your photo session with me, then you get rewarded!  It pays to talk!  Of course if that were true I’d be a millionaire after one
of my sessions! haha 😀

So, Miss Lizzie, I hope you like your sneak peek!  I’ve got a few more cute ones to get to before we meet again so I’d better get going!

thanks for stopping by!


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