The Biggest Fan | ISD Sports Photography

My oldest boy had a baseball game tonight.  So, after driving to Ball State to load up the car to bring my daughter home, we headed to Indy to watch him play.
And, in the course of him being on the field, I looked over and saw these images.  And, yes, my heart melted just a little bit.  My dad was, is and will always be
my children’s biggest fan.  He goes to everything he can get to.  He texts them in the mornings to wish them a happy day and remembers the little bits of mundane
stuff they tell him.  He is a Grandpa thru and thru.  And, while he was a fantastic father, I love seeing him in this role.  The pressure is off and he just gets
to enjoy the kids as they are.  And I love it and pray that he will be around for many, many years.  Especially on the sidelines. 😉

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