Birthday Cake and Trick Candles | Fort Wayne Photographer

If you’re my friend on Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest then you know I had a birthday last week.  Nope, not a milestone birthday.  I’m 29.  Again.  Hey!  Once
you get past a certain age (28) then you can be 29 indefinitely.  Until you totally don’t look 29 anymore, at which time you magically morph into a 39 year old.
And there you hang on for dear life until you’re riding down the grocery aisle in your Hoveround! 😉  So, anyway, back to the birthday.  We had a small
celebration of three of the kids, my dad and my in-laws.  Good times.  Especially when I tried to blow out the trick candles.

I’m fairly bright though and caught on after a couple of pass-out-on-the-floor attempts.  lol  Here I am with my “ha-ha you thought you could get me didn’t
you” face.  It’s pretty, right?  Right?  Just agree people, it’ll be easier.  Especially since I haven’t reached the “Botox” stage of 29.  Ha!

Trying to get flaming candles safely out of a cake and keep them off the wooden table?  Not easy.  Requires three people.  Two seasoned adults and one young,
reckless teenager.  The battle was won and we all ate cake!  Along with Neapolitan ice cream.  Good times.  And I managed to survive another 29th birthday.

So, in light of all the wisdom I have gained in my brief 29 years I thought I’d pass a few gems along to you:
1.  Laugh.  A lot.  It makes you feel good, burns calories and other people wonder what you’re up to.  Especially if you’re driving by yourself in the car.
2.  Take chances.  Reach out.  Learn something new.  Get a hobby.  Read.  Keep the brain young and your body will feel young along with it.
3.  Stalk your kids on the aforementioned Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest.  You’ll see what they find interesting and what they’re talking about.  Makes for good
dinner table conversation! 😉 😉
4.  Come back to this blog often ’cause I just love it when you stop by!  Especially if you comment….I LOVE comments!
As always-

thanks for stopping by!

P.S.  All the photos were taken by my son, Nick.  He  does pretty good, huh?





One thought on “Birthday Cake and Trick Candles | Fort Wayne Photographer

  1. Great job, nick! Michelle, thanks for the great Tips. Were u 9 yrs old when u had your 1st Child? Wow!! Impressive! 😜

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