Down on the Farm | Fort Wayne High School Senior Photographer

Meet Eric.  Eric is another senior who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for most of his life.   And, while I
haven’t been an avid spectator of his growing up, I am pleased to announce that his parents “did good”!  😉
We met up at his family farm.  And when I say family farm I mean this piece of property was owned by his grandpa
and passed down.  Someday it will be his.  What an awesome idea his mom had to take his senior photos
there!  Maybe someday his son will do the same…but! I ramble! (as usual)

We started off Eric’s session with the mandatory shirt and tie outfit.  Of course, I can’t just leave well enough
along.  I made him climb up on a rock and lean against a tree.  Nothing traditional about scaling heights!  And
I adore the way the blue pops here and makes his eyes stand out.  Perfection.

High School Senior

After we got the “traditionals” out of the way we headed for the trees.  And he climbed one!  Ha!  Love it when my clients
are willing to do the unusual!  Of course their property is littered with tree stands so Eric may be just as comfortable in a
tree as on the ground.  😉  And, let me tell you, while this picture is perfect in color it sings in black and white!   Almost
one of my favorites.

High School Senior

I bet you thought that I wouldn’t show you my favorite, didn’t you?  Go on, admit it, you thought I’d leave you hanging.  But you know I couldn’t do
that to you, don’t you?  Of course not!  So, in the spirit of true blog-friendship, here ya go:

High School Senior

Now, don’t go showing my husband that red tractor stuff.  He only supports the green. haha!
Anyway, Eric, thanks so much for letting me traipse around your farm and take some pics of you.  I had a great time and I didn’t get one tic!  What a win-win!
Enjoy the rest of your Senior year and…

thanks for stopping by!




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