The Crack of the Bat | Fort Wayne Sports Photographer

Ok, we all know I shoot portraits, right?   And that I absolutely adore doing it.   And, if you’ve followed the blog for any length of time
then you’ve probably also figured out that I shoot for our local newspaper.  And that that just makes my boat float 😉  Getting out to meet
people and take their pictures and I don’t have to ask permission?  Yeah baby!  I’m ALL over that! lol  BUT, did you know that (besides
taking a film photography class in college) I started out shooting my kids playing baseball?  Digital cameras came out when my youngest
were in first grade.  Which is when we started them in baseball.  Connecting the dots?  Yup, I was hooked from the first crack of the bat
and click of the shutter.  So, now that my youngest is back into baseball I am in photog heaven!  And, being the type “A” personality
that I am, I have had a baseball goal for a little while:  to shoot the ball just coming off the bat.  VOILA!!!  I achieved that goal tonight
on my own son!  I was doing the happy dance when I loaded my card into the computer tonight!


I love the look of intensity on his face.  That shot will keep my momma pride bucket filled up for quite some time! 🙂
After every game the team takes a knee around the coach to go over the pointers from the game.  Now, while this isn’t unusual in
itself, the fact that the whole team is deaf probably is.  It is so awesome to get to see him playing with a team who all understand
him and what he is saying.  Plus, I get to just take pics and not interpret!  (I was on the field for several years 😉 )

Oh, and I brought a cheering section for him!  My oldest brought her “friend” to cheer on the team as well.  And HUGE KUDOS to him for working on
learning Sign Language!  He can say “Hello, my name is ____”  lol!  Love the effort that he’s making!

And, last but not least, my boy in his uniform.  It’s an Instagram pic…I’m a little addicted.  Although not as much as my daughter.  That arm?  That’s my dad’s
arm…he’s a big fan of my children too.

So, that’s my proud mommy’s rose-colored-glasses moment.  Thanks for letting me ramble and brag on my boy.  And, as always,

-thanks for stopping by!


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