It’s In The Genes | Fort Wayne Senior Photography

For our next High School Senior Sneak Peek I present, for your viewing pleasure, Sam.  First off, I gotta tell ya, I’m a lover of all traditional names.  There’s just
something so solid about them.  So, I knew going in that I would adore Sam.  With his name how could I not?  I know, I know, I’m quirky that way 😉  Although,
to be honest, Sam and I kinda go way back.  First, I’ve known his grandma for a little bit-she volunteers at the school I interpret at.  She’s just the nicest,
sweetest person you’ll ever meet.  And sometimes she brings along Sam’s grandpa.  Yup, just as awesome!  They make a mean hot chocolate!  haha  Ok, second
connection, I actually shot Sam’s photo last summer.  He’s part of a group of guys that this handsome young man hangs out with.  They wanted a group photo
and of course I obliged.  Fast forward, when Sam’s mom emailed about Senior Photos I just knew that he and I would have a grand time.  And guess what?  We did!
Or…at least I did! 😉

Sam did one of my favorite things: brought along something that represents who he is.  His guitar.  And he played for me!  According to him he can’t sing but
I sure did enjoy his playing. It was pretty chilly the day of his session so the only thing that would have made his strumming better would have been a campfire.
I’m sure mom would have enjoyed warming her tootsies by it! lol

We explored.  I like exploring.  This little bridge was just perfect for Sam’s boyish good looks.  Oh, and that shirt?  Yes, he’s definitely going to Indiana
University.  Studying chemistry no less!  Brains and good looks?  Grandma’s got a winner here!  (and mom, too!)  And me?  I’ve got a favorite from his session.

And, while I normally don’t show three pics for the Sneak Peek I simply couldn’t resist those baby blues!  We all know how I feel about eyes.  Especially when
you can totally read someone’s personality in them.  And Sam?  You’ve got a winning one!

So, thank you Sam and mom for enduring the cold, chilly, damp weather.  I know it was not the warmest day of the
spring but you guys definitely rocked right along with it.  I hope you like your Sneak Peek and I’ll see you soon!

thanks for stopping by!


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