Connections | High School Senior Photographer

If you know anything about me at all then you know that I have a few friends that I have had for a very long
time.  I tend to hang with people that value long lasting friendships as much as I do.  One very good friend and
I met when both our children were in preschool.  The kids were three.  Both were the third child in families of
four children.  And both their mothers were just a little bit nuts from being around four children all day, every
day 😉  So….the preschool teachers introduced us.  And we’ve been best friends ever since.  Isn’t life fun that way?

So, my friend, who is also my second shooter at weddings, has a high school senior.  And just who do you think
got the honor of photographing said senior?  Yup!  You’re right.  It was me!  Meet Miss Kylee:

Yes, that sweet smile is a good indicator of her personality.  Although she is quiet don’t let her fool you-she’s got a lot to say.
Gotta love a young lady who’s able to keep the peace and still speak her mind!  I’ve got the “speaking my mind” part down,
the “quiet”?  Not so much.  HAHA 😀

We chose a location that I hadn’t been in before: the Huntington Sunken Gardens.  It’s not a large spot but it’s very peaceful and quite lovely.  Matches
Miss K’s personality very well.  And, if you look around and pay attention, you’ll notice a great variety from one spot to the next.  And, in the right place,
it seems as if you’ll have to scale great walls to get out.  lol  There were HUGE buzzards circling around in the background.  Really quite cool and creepy all
at the same time.

There’s also a small park nearby.  This, I do believe, is one of my favorite images from the day.  I love how happy and confident Kylee appears here.  I’m
thinking that that bright pop of red is just her color!

Thanks for putting up with your mom and I, Kylee!  I know we can be quite obnoxious when we’re together…good friends can be like that 😉  But you kept
your grace and style and it shows!  I hope you enjoy what remains of your senior year!

thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Connections | High School Senior Photographer

  1. I love the pictures! Thank you for capturing so much of Kylee’s wonderful personality. I believe a lot of those beautiful smiles are because she was having so much fun hanging with us 🙂 You’ve always been one of her favorite people!

  2. I loved all of the images but especially the one with Kylee in the blue sweater. The proud confident look is priceless.

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