Forever and Always | Fort Wayne Family Photographer

I love photographing families.  There’s just something about the connections, the interactions and all those inside jokes that make
each family so unique.  So whenever I get requests for family photos I’m always excited to see what the members of the family will
bring to the session.  Of course it’s even nicer when the mom of the family is also a member of my extended family!  Oh, the
sweet webs we weave when we marry into other families.  But, I ramble…as I often do….this is my niece.  And her husband and that
oh so precious, sweet, adorable baby girl.  You may remember her from this post.  Yes, I didn’t think it was possible, but she is
definitely getting cuter.  Those blue eyes are going to get me every time I photograph this little punkin’!  Of course, how could she
NOT have eyes as amazing as hers when both mom and dad have killer peepers too! 😉

We have some typically chilly weather here in the fort lately so we decided not to risk getting the wee one chilled and headed to
the Grand Wayne Center for some photos.

Have you ever seen a momma and a baby girl who look as adorable as these two?  Dad, you better get a shotgun, load it and set it by the door.  ‘Cause
when this little petunia hits sixteen watch out!  The guys are going to be swarming the castle!

Talk about petunias….:)  Only a little cherub as cute and smiley as this could pull of a flower headband.  Believe me, I’ve tried and it just loses some of the
effect when I stretch it around my big ol’ noggin :0 😉

She was just the sweetest little talker too!  There is nothing I enjoy more than getting a baby to babble.  It’s just one of life’s little perks when you’re
handed a dirty diaper and your shoulders have spit on them.  Believe me, I know!  My four kiddos were some of the most talkative babies that ever were.  And I
thoroughly enjoyed it.

My niece is a Pinterest fan.  So she came prepared.  I loved her idea!  So sweet.  And really, I could wish nothing less for this family than for them to be
together “forever and always”.

Stop back soon.  The busy season is coming to life with a roar.  And there’s lots of sessions and sneak peeks to come!  Have I ever mentioned how much
I love my “job”? 😉 🙂

-thanks for stopping by!


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