Beauty in the Park | Fort Wayne Senior Photographer

Meet Emily.  She’s a trooper.  And so are her mom and little sister.  We met up for her Senior Portraits on what
was one of the coldest days we’ve had this spring.  And by cold I mean we could see our breath!  Yup.  Cold.  But
Emily?  She didn’t complain one bit!   Not even when her feet were freezing and her hands turned blue.  PLUS!
We scheduled her photos during Spring Break!  Now that’s a devoted Senior!  ;D  And her photos?  No one would
be able to tell she was freezing!  Real beauty has a way of beating the weather.  See for yourself:

Told ya she was a beaut!  That smile, those blue eyes…IU (where she’s going for college) is not going to know what hit it!
And just to prove she’s more than just a one smile wonder-here’s another one!  Yup, beauty, brains, and a great sense of style.  Even little
sis liked this top!  Gotta love those colors among the flowers.

And now it’s back to editing I go.   I have many more gorgeous shots of this young lady that I can’t wait to get to!
as always

thanks for stopping by!



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