Beautiful Start | Leo High School Senior Photographer


With Spring comes my favorite season of all: Spring Seniors!  And what better way to kick off this year’s crop of 2012 Seniors
than with a gorgeous young lady like Miss Allison?  Hint: there is NO better way! 🙂  I am here to tell you that this young
lady is not only B-E-A-utiful! but she is also bright!  She’s going to be a nurse…who wouldn’t want to see this smile from the
other side of the flip chart?  Those pretty eyes of hers could just about replace a spoon full of sugar 😉
We took advantage of some freshly fallen petals (I helped some of them fall-lol) and got this classic.  Sorry, mom, this one’s going
to HAVE to be one of the four! haha

Mom told me at the start of the session that they only needed four good photos.  Four!  HA!!  With a stunning young lady like Allison I am sorry to say
that limiting it to four is going to be next to impossible.  But you can try, Mom!  I’ll buy you a double latte if you can! 😉
A few changes later (Allison brought a car full of clothes for us to pick from–always a good idea if you’re unsure) and I snapped this zinger!  Allison’s mom
said she didn’t want her pictures in the fall but wanted spring colors.  I’d have to say she was right on the money!  And, perhaps, another one of the four?  Maybe!
It would certainly make a stunning canvas.

Yes, that’s it for your sneak peek, Allison.  You’ll have to wait for the rest of the awesome-ness when we get together next.  I can’t wait to show you he other two! 😉

thanks for stopping by!


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