Ethel vs The Camera | Fort Wayne Pet Photographer

If you’ve followed the blog for any amount of time then you know I am an animal lover.  And, if you know me then you know that I am, in fact, a crazy about dogs
animal lover.  And, as a photographer, it only follows reason that I should torment take lots of pictures of both my family and my pets.  Because if pets aren’t family
then what are they?  I digress….back to the subject.  This is Ethel.  Our beloved, adopted from an animal shelter, (probably) 9-year-old lab mix.  She’s a sweetie.
She really doesn’t have too many flaws.  Oh sure, she barks too much.  She SHEDS.  She has really, really, really bad breath.  And she hates to look at the camera.
Thus, the problem with Ethel:  a photographer who owns a dog who won’t look at the camera.  You feel my pain, right?  BUT!  There’s hope! I always manage
to pull a few tricks out of my sleeve!  Case in point:

Me: “Ethel, are you a good dog? Do you like it outside?”

Ethel:  “Leave me alone.  I hate that thing.”

Me: “Ethel, just look at the camera!  Do you want a puppy latte?”

Ethel: “I’ve fallen for that before.  I’m not looking at you!”

Me: “Maci!  (other dog) Tell Ethel that she should look at me!”

Ethel:  “Maybe if I look just above her head she’ll give up….Maci! Be quiet!”

Me: “Ethel, do you want to see the camera?  It won’t hurt you!  See!  It’s niiiiicccceee!!”

Ethel:  “What?  Ok…wait….I’ve seen this thing before.  It doesn’t smell good and I’m not allowed to chew on it.”

Me:  “Come on, Ethel, you’re such a pretty girl!  Don’t you want to look at mommy again?”

Ethel: “No.  Go away.  I think daddy is at the door.  He’ll let me in!”

And yes, daddy came outside and rescued her from my camera.

And so ends another chapter of Ethel vs The Camera.  I think The Camera may have scored a little bit in this round.  Not a lot…but hey, I’m happy with
whatever I can get out of my stubborn, camera-hating pup!

-thanks for stopping by!


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