New York Talent | Portfolio Photographer

If you’ve read the previous post then you know I recently headed to the Big Apple for an adventure.  I’ll share some photos I took while exploring the city but,
in the meantime, I thought I’d show you photos from one of the reasons I traveled so far from home.  In one word: Portfolios.  That’s right.  I took some shots
for three VERY talented young people who are up and coming in the world of entertainment.

First up: Ariana.  She’s got such a classic look in this photo.  And seriously, I couldn’t decide between the color or the  black and white version.  But, in the end,
I decided that the rich, aged colors of the wall behind her just competed a tad too much with her beauty.

Next up, the fabulous Megan!  I have had the pleasure of seeing her grow up from a gangly little girl to a real beauty.  And talent?  More talent than you can shake
a stick at! 😉  Plus, Megan is the main reason we headed to New York.  It was her 21st birthday!  And we celebrated BIG APPLE STYLE!  So much fun.  Definitely
a night to never forget.

Last, but in no way least, Travis.  He did a little “one man show” in the middle of Central Park.  And got applause
from all who were walking by.  I’m telling you people, this guy’s got talent.  And I’ve got photos of him from before
he makes it big 🙂  This was one of the first shots I took of him.  It’s the sidewalk that runs along the outside
of the park.  With all those trees and whatnot in the shot black and white is the perfect treatment.

Oh, and you know how I have that “rule” about jumping.  Yes, even up-and-coming stars in the entertainment
world jump for my camera.  Told ya, it’s a rule 😉  LOL!  But truly, who but people who study dance, theater, and entertainment could ALL do a
perfect jump at the same time?  Well…anyone…but you know how those showbiz people need to be flattered!…hahaha…just kidding.

Thanks, A, M, and T for letting me spend a gorgeous morning in Central Park shooting you beautiful people.  I hope when you’re all big famous stars that
you’ll remember that I have outtakes.  LOL!

thanks for stopping by!


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