Vagabond Blues | Road Trippin’

Yup, that’s right, I’m headed for the Big Apple.  The city that was immortalized by Frank Sinatra, who’s song has been on a solid repeat in my head for days!  Oy.  My best friend
and I are going out to celebrate her daughter’s 21st birthday.  New York style.  Should be tons of fun.  And, of course, I shall take tons of pictures.  Anyone surprised that I packed
my camera bag before my suitcase? No? Me neither 😉
So, just like the last time I left town, if you see my husband or children wandering aimlessly, looking disheveled or undernourished, please, show mercy on them.  They have
become better able to sustain themselves but it only lasts so long…

If you need to contact me feel free to email or text.  I will probably reply…just not right away.  The pigeons and I have some communing to do.  And now, take it away:

“Start spreading the news. I’m leaving today.  I want to be a part of it…New York, New York” …  and if that song is now stuck in YOUR head, well, you’re welcome 😉

-thanks for stopping by!


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