Too Precious | Churubusco Baby Photographer

Have you noticed a trend here on the blog lately?  Yup!  Babies!  There’s been a bunch of ’em around here!  And you know what?
I’m loving it!  Who can resist such sweetness so fresh from heaven?  I know I sure can’t.  Plus, I get to get some snuggles in.  Win-win.
Ok, so now you’re wondering who is this adorable, good looking little guy, right?  This is Kroix.  Yup, the name is equivalent
to his adorableness.  I love it.  He was the best little guy!  He slept, snoozed and let me do my thing, for which I was extremely
grateful.  Plus, his momma is my very good friend.  Another win-win.  Ok, time to quit yammering on and finish up the editing of
his session…lots more goodies to get to!

-thanks for stopping by!


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