My Sweet Girl | Fort Wayne Photographer

We have had an unseasonably warm winter here in Indiana.  Usually by January we are tired of the cold, bundled to our noses and waddling in snow boots
to the nearest place of warmth.  This year?  This year my boys are wearing shorts (not unusual) and I am not telling them to put on jeans (VERY unusual!) 🙂
The dogs have been enjoying this brief lull in the weather as well.  This week they took a moment to soak in the weak warmth of our winter sun.  And I, in
the beginning stages of a New Year’s Resolution to photograph something daily, followed them out into the yard.

Here is my sweet, sweet girl, Ethel.  We have had her for about 6 years and she has been nothing but a joy.  Ethel is fiercely loyal, protective and loving.  Everything
you want in a lab.  And, she is the perfect testament to a rescue dog!  If you ever doubt whether to go with a puppy from a breeder or a store just think of my girl.
She will warm you to the idea of adoption.  And, while she may act like she is shy and afraid, she is not.  She simply will not look at my camera.  I have to focus,
move the camera away from my face, call her name and snap.  And you thought young children were hard! 😉

These two pictures have a different look to them thanks to one of my “toys”, the Lensbaby.  It basically limits what exactly is in focus.  For me it lets me be
just a little bit more creative.  Every once in a while I like not focusing on all the technicalities that can go into making a photograph.  And so, the Lensbaby
comes in handy for that.  Here’s a new favorite from this lens:

So, I hope that you are finding some creativity in your every day world and that, perhaps, it is in alignment with your New Year’s resolutions as well!  Oh and
a little sunshine too!

thanks for stopping by!


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